Who is behind the scenes of the morning cup of coffee?

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Day 5

My morning cup of coffee is possible because.....

Over the holidays, I have the choice of when to get up, what to eat and where to hang out. Usually, holiday or not, I am up with the birdlife welcoming in the new day with hope and anticipation. undefined

I hadn't really given my morning cup of coffee much thought until I watched this entertaining 'Ted talk' by the author A J Jacobs. He is an author of several books and uses his journey to explore the values of life and respect for those who help create the small things we enjoy everyday.  

So instead of telling stories of my journey in intimate detail today- I have reached out to my favourite forum 'Ted Talks' and shared a little bit gratitude for the simple, but essential, cup of coffee that I have in the morning.

I hope you enjoy it- if so pass it on 

Today I am grateful for everyone who was and is responsible for my morning coffee.

What or who are you grateful for today?


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