Raw Food Diet

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A Minimum Optimum Maximum Raw Food Diet

What is A Right and Lawful Diet?

It's a Question at some time or another we must ask ourselves as conscious beings. If you are here now, then you have begun to delve into or perhaps finely tuned this Need.

You Need to Ask yourself, What would your Best self do? eat? And then, Why Aren't you Doing That?

There are many obstacles in achieving This:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Life Habits
  • Unconscious Living
  • Many Un-Inspected Aspects of your Life

Is the Body really so complicated it need a thousand different things put into it daily? Is it so lacking in Efficiency and Self Sufficiency that we must, as Humans, Pump it full of 'goodies'? On a Daily Basis?

Meal Plans:

Blended Green Drinks, Taken with Nuts, Raw fruits and Veggies a few times a day is enough. Doesn’t have to be a huge variation, Greens is the main thing. Be sure to add Variations to Your Greens, go with the seasons etc…you can get a high level of oxalates (oxalic acid)  if you stick to just One Green for a long Period of Time. * For Full Meal Plans See The Green Gorilla: Searchless Raw diet

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet:

The Body, given this space and purity will Heal many things, Freeing up energy, in spirit, mind and body – As well as something intrinsic in yourself knowing you are on a healing journey for yourself and for the greater good of the world and humanity.

Food is Medicine and Your Body Is an Instrument- Look after it by only Putting in Optimum Ingredients and Feel The Change for Yourself!

For more Information and in Depth Study, Meal Plans Etc…From the Original Author, I’d Strongly Recommend Getting a Copy of this Life Changing Book, and as far as I Know, this information is very Scarce, even on the Internet.

To Purchase this Book:

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If You're in Australia

Thanks for your Time, Look after Your Body and Free up your energy for Your Greater Fulfilment!

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