Active Stem - My 90 Day Trial - Week 1

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I have now been taking Active Stem for 1 Week.

Check out these 2 videos.

Video 1 was taken on Day 1 and Video 2 filmed after a week of taking Active Stem

to summarize my thoughts and feelings.

Video 1 - I received my Active Stem today. Here I try it for the very first time.

Video 2 - I have now been taking active Stem for 1 Week. What I have noticed:

Just in case you did not see my introduction blog with more information about Active Stem, here's the PDF version:

Active Stem - My 90 Day Trial - Introduction

If you would like to check out my Active Stem journey on a more regular basis, feel free to connect with me on face book using the link below.

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

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