Alcohol over the Holidays

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Consumed a bit of alcohol over the holidays? After a few big weeks celebrating Christmas and New Year, some might now be wondering what can you do to reduce your drinking in the new year.

The Australian culture has readily accepted alcohol use as a societal norm, so it can be easy to suddenly find yourself having a wine/ beer daily, and not even have thought about how this might be impacting on your health. 

Now we aren't suggesting that you can't/ shouldn't drink that iced bourbon and coke or that delicious glas of wine,  but we do have some tips to help you to be more aware of how you consume alcohol and how you might reduce your intake. 

- Try drinking no more than two standard drinks on any day. This can reduce the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol

- Aim for a number of alcohol- free days in the week

- Try to swap every second alcoholic drink with a glass of water 

- When you next go out with friends try to drink no more than four standard drinks. This can significantly reduce any alcohol related injuries, and can help reduce your spending for the night!

-Only take out enough money for a few drinks and a taxi, this will dramatically limit your ability to keep drinking

- Don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach

- Designate yourself as the driver for your friends for the night 

- Set a limit for how many alcoholic drinks you are going to have, and then switch to soft drink for the remainder of the night 

- Order a soft drink in a short glass (no one will even question if your drink is alcoholic!)

- Work out how much money you could save for that next purchase you have been eyeing off if you didn't drink tonight. If you did this for every second occassion you went out, think of all the money you could save, not just on alcohol but on all those Taxi's/ Uber's too! 

We know that Australians love to have a drink, whether it be for enjoyment, relaxation, or sociability, but we can still enjoy a drink in moderation and at levels that won't be detrimental to our long-term health, wallet and social life! 

Why don't you try one of these steps today and help your body to recover after the festive season?

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