Best Natural Energy Drinks - Top 3 Choices

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Best Natural Energy Drinks - Top 3 choices

Are you a busy professional, entrepreneur or parent who is looking for a simple and healthy energy drink that can help you sustain your energy and mental focus during the long days or the afternoon lull?

Or are you someone who has heard a lot about how bad energy drinks are for you and are curious what these best natural energy drinks are?

Tackling some unfounded beliefs/generalisations about Natural Energy Drinks

Typically when people say that "energy drinks are bad for you", they are usually referring to Rockstar, Monster, Red Bull and the like. And unfortunately, yes those types of drinks are extremely toxic to your system and should be completely avoided. However, there are several natural and healthy energy drinks made with safer ingredients for your consumption that give you the increased energy and focus safely.

Before I share my top 3, let's address the twomajor issues with natural energy drinks. Those are 1)the unfounded belief that these drinks don't work and 2) the fear that they will taste awful.Admittedly, they are some on the market that are quite gross tasting, yet there are also several on the market that are great tasting and effective. So what's the final boundary for you, well finding these drinks. Because this energy market is dominated by main stream toxic energy drinks, often the ones that actually good for you are hard to find so for each of the three listed, I have included links for you to easily purchase online for delivery to your door.

Here are my top 3 Best Natural Energy Drinks

Please note these are the top three based on my opinion and experience and I am an affiliate/ net work marketer so I get paid for recommending and sharing products that I personally use and love so if you do choose to purchase through the links I have provided, I will earn a some spare change... hardly enough to pay my mortgage :-).  Let's begin.

#1: E-shot

Best Natural Energy Drinks E-shot

I absolutely love these little energy shots. I use them partically every day when I have to up late working on a blog post or want to get the most out of my workout. A flavorful energy boost with a scientifically supported blend of adaptogenic botanicals formulated to help you feel refreshed, energized and mentally alert. These e-shots are infused with a host of healthy ingredients to fire up your athletic performance without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors and only 35 calories per serving.. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you end up hating it (which you won’t).The caffeine is naturally-sourced from green tea and yerba maté, What are adoptogenic botanicals you ask, check out my recent blog on just that called: The Top 10 Superfoods to Manage Stress

#2: Brain Juice

Best Natural Energy Drinks Brain Juice

Another great small drink that packs a punch. Consider the 2.5-ounce Nootropic Green Tea Shot that’s made with organic and natural ingredients. It gives your mind clarity and allows you to feel focused. It tastes like peach mango tea. This one also comes with a 100% money back guarantee if for whatever reason you have a bad experience (that won't happen here either, I'm sure!). It’s packed with Vitamins B5, B6 and C, as well as Amino Acids like L-Theanine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Alpha GPC to boost dopamine. It’s completely sugar-free, so if you’re worried about your sugar consumption, it’s a great alternative. 

#3 Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shots

Best Natural Energy Drinks Guayaki

Now, if you didn't know any better and were frequenting the 5 Hour Energy shots then here's is your great alternative in Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shots. It’s an organic blend of all natural superfood extracts like acerola, yerba mate, and goji berry, and it contains ginger root and cocoa powder. It’s Kosher, too, as well as non-GMO project verified. They’re in small glass bottles instead of the plastic bottles that 5 Hour Energy uses, meaning there are no carcinogens leaking into them from the heat-influenced plastics. It has 150 mg of caffeine.

There is my quick list of the top 3 best natural energy drink. Let me know if you have used them or give them a try, how you find them. And please, stay away from the toxic commercial ones like 5 hour energy. Love yourself enough to honour your body with live supporting food and drink.

Your comments and shares are well on my "Best Natural Energy Drinks - top 3 choices"

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