Cleansing before water fast

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So today I started my 7 days of just eating only fruit in order to prepare my body for its 14 day water fast. 

It’s important to prepare the body before a water fast especially if eating normal cooked food prior to starting, otherwise the detox effects may feel too strong to be able to continue the fast. 

So it’s winter here in England and today eating just fruit I have felt I’ve really missed my hot cooked food I usually have. I’ve got the usual caffeine withdrawal headache and although quite early in the evening still I’m feeling pretty tired. 

The whole reason for allowing my body this time to detox is because of these benign masses that are growing in my head and face. I’ve had one there now on the right side for 11 months and a new one on the left over the last 6 weeks. I saw the surgeon/oncologist last weekend who asked me to allow him to do a biopsy, and possible surgery to remove the masses, he got a little angry when I replied that I wasn’t going to let him do any surgery and I’m going to try to fix it myself. 

Time to show my doctor and family and friends that my body can heal itself, when I stop feeding it bad food, even give it a break from food altogether. I will document my journey, here and on YouTube and Facebook. 

Day one of healing commencing. 

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