Cocoa or Cacao

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I thought I'd learned a new word when I first heard the word Cacao.

Cacao, I knew was a chocolate powder & I love chocolate. They had told us that at our cooking class.

Chocolate is something I was eating after most meals until I realized I was growing substantially. I was eating chocolate in the form of chocolates.  I knew these wonderful tasting chocolates, were not really good for me.

My time had come to face the scales. I saw the numbers on the scales higher than ever before in my life. It was time for me to leave my chocolates for someone else. It was my time to lose weight.

I chose to follow the plant-based diet my husband was following to reverse his heart disease. I've tried every other diet for weight loss. They all worked when I worked them. As soon as I got off a diet the weight came back, plus more.

The plant-based diet is a choice of eating healthy for life. I still can have my chocolate fix in many healthier ways

Knowing that Cacao was the best form of chocolate, I proceeded to purchase cacao. I learned to make wonderful cookies with cacao, thanks to the Chef from a wonderful butcher shop in Toronto, Ontario. Canada called Yam Chops. 

I made banana chocolate ice cream thanks to Amy Longard a wonderful chef from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My niece's daughter taught me how to make, the best for me, hot chocolate, using honey, cacao & almond milk.


After attending our "lunch & learn classes", we learned that we should check prices. The cacao from the health food store cost was $12.49  for 227g.  The cocoa from the grocery store cost was $4.99 for 227g. I bought the cacao from the health food store as I thought it was something different from what I had on my shelf. 

The fat content appeared the same in the products, the nutritional facts in the chocolate, appeared to be very similar. "I think cacao is the same thing as cocoa. "  Just a different pronunciation.

"Please correct me if I'm wrong."

The education on the back of the health food store product was most valuable. We have been taught a lot that is not true with regard to nutrition, wellness & health. We as teachers & educators taught what we were told without ever questioning the content.

As a physical & health educator, I would like to have the opportunity to reteach & update our food rules & menu planning for hospitals. Our food is our medicine. We can improve our health with a plant-based diet. I can still have my chocolate & many of my favorite foods that I have been avoiding thinking they were not good for me. We can learn at any age.

Enjoy your food, keep learning & have fun doing so.

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