Dreams are like ordering a Chicken Caesar Salad

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What do you really want in your life? What is your definition of success?
Think about this for a minute. When you go into a restaurant to eat you don’t say to the waiter can I have some food do you? No, you ask for something specific from the menu to make sure that you get what you actually want.
Life is the same. You can put in your order to the universe for whatever you want and then, just like at a restaurant you sit and wait for it to arrive. Sometimes it takes longer than you expect, but you know it is coming. There is no doubt (unless you go to a rubbish restaurant, but work with me here).
So, what do you really want? Get really clear. Maybe you want a life of freedom just like me? If that is the case what does freedom look like to you? What does each day look like? Who are your friends? What do you do for fun? What restaurants to do you eat in? How do you feel about life and yourself as a person?

See I might want the Chicken Caesar salad, but in order to get my salad the way I like it I need to make sure I tell the waiter that I don’t want anchovies and that I want my dressing on the side. I need to be specific to ensure I get exactly what I want. So I think about how I want it to look, taste, feel and how much I'm going to enjoy it. I get a really clear image in my head and hold that. Then I take that image with me wherever I go because I have a burning desire for this delicious life of freedom or in my analogy my Chicken Caesar salad.

Now...and here's the important part, I don't put a time limit on it! I know this might be contradictory to everything you have ever heard about goal setting. However remain open minded when I tell you that the Universe is smarter than you and I. We don't know when the perfect time, the perfect person or the perfect opportunity will present itself in order for us to achieve our ultimate bliss. The Universe does so you have to have trust and be patient. Just like I have to trust in our waiter to bring me my mouth watering Chicken Caesar salad when the chicken is properly cooked and the dressing is mixed correctly. I mean I don't want food poisoning do I? So I would carry on enjoying myself at the dinner table with my friends and sipping wine laughing and FEELING GOOD while I wait for my salad.

The same applies when you put in your order to the Universe. Focus on what you want, think about it all the time and how wonderful it's going to be. Imagine what it is going to feel like, and KNOW that it is on it's way to you. Have no doubt. Ask and it is given. All you need to do is keep FEELING GOOD and being happy. Don't start wondering where is it, when is it coming, why isn't it here yet because that my friends is doubt and that will stop your desires in their tracks when they are trying to get to you. You will block the flow of energy and your desires cannot come to you.

I say this in love and encouragement. Our main objective should always be to FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW. When we are FEELING GOOD we open the flow of good energy into our lives. Thinking about what we want and KNOWING it is on it's way will make our desires come rushing towards us like a magnet. This is the Law of Attraction. It is a Universal law and it is scientific. It absolutely works. 

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