Education in bite size pieces

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Education in bite size piecesEducation is similar to a melon when given whole it is hard to swallow, difficult to digest.  

Education in bite size pieces

On my return from work this afternoon, the whole melon was sitting on the counter waiting to be carved, while cutting up the melon I realised that despite the access the family had to the melon unless it was served in reasonable sized pieces it was not going to be eaten.

This is exactly how six figure mentors (SFM) educate affiliates in marketing, with education in bite size pieces to assist with the digestion and the impletion of the applications learnt. Likewise, university education also teaches in modules, normally over a longer period and in some countries with a hefty higher education cost to pay out once employed. 

4 steps why

Education in bite size pieces 

is easier to digest. 

  1. Psychological engagement, boredom sets in easily with short meaningful and education content people remain engaged.
  2. Digestion, education in bite size pieces is easier to understand, this is why many educators use a system known as chunking, the grouping of information for short term memory. 
  3. Information as needed, the learning and relevant information is provided when required as part of an education or business model rather than given as a whole which may cause overwhelm. 
  4. Lifestyle, streaming information in formats that are accessible on multiple platforms enables learners to educate themselves in their interests at a time that suits them

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Have a great day. 

Angie Emde

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