Get Rid of Skinny Fat

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How to Get Rid of Skinny Fat

First before we getting into how to Get Rid of Skinny Fat, let's first make sure we understand what it is and how you may know you have it.

So what is Skinny fat?

Skinny fat is someone who is metabolically obese normal weigh which means you have a high proportion of fat on your slim or small body.

Well why is that important or bad? We often think that if you are overweight you are unhealthy yet new research shows it is just as unhealthy and sometime worse being a skinny fat person. In fact, it is better to be fat and fit than thin and out of shape. Worst yet, 1 in 4 skinny people are skinny fat and those are pre-diabetic and metabolically obese. Wow!

How do I know if I'm skinny Fat?

How you know if you need to get rid of skinny fat

Well first off, you may think you are following the rules and doing all the right things so you may be:

1) spending hours in the gym - mostly doing cardio

2) eating "clean"

3)restricting carbs - which unfortunately may be or lead to under eating

However, if you identify with a few (or all) of the below statement, check in with your doc to get all the necessary blood tests that are listed after these statements:

You haven't lifted weights since 10th-grade gym class.

You experience constant "sugar crashes" or "brain fog," such as fatigue, low energy, or difficulty with your focus, memory, or concentration.

You pass on protein-packed foods.

Your belly is bigger than the rest of your body or you have love handles.

You have abnormal body fat in the mid-section, similar to an apple shape.

Your diet regularly consists of excess carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, sugar, or processed foods.

You feel light-headed after mild exercise.

What test should you ask your doctor to take to tell if you need to Get Rid of Skinny Fat?

A: Blood tests:

1) fasting blood sugar

2) triglycerides

3) HDL

4)Blood Pressure

B: Insulin response test / glucose tolerance test

C:NMR Lipid Particle test -measure size and number of cholesterol particles

Get Rid of Skinny Fat

The key thing is to focus on quality nutrition and focus on improving body composition instead of focusing on your weight.

Here are the key switches to fix and get rid of skinny fat:

1) Stop dieting and focus on living a healthy lifestyle by:

Eat a Low-Glycemic Load Diet - that is a diet high in lean meat, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables and fruit and minimal gluten-free breads

Eat Protein at Every Meal - include protein in every meal, particularly at breakfast

Avoid Drinking your calories- eliminate sodas and juices

Avoid White powder or flour- these product turn to empty calories and sugar so avoid white bread and or white sugar or products with those contents

Avoid factory-made founds- these products tend to be high in chemicals otherwise known as toxins that makes your body predisposed to retaining fat

Take a good supplement- a good multivitamin, fish oils and Vitamin D

2) Get Good Sleep- when the body is sleep deprived you tend to eat more and be subject to more cravings to file that energy gap.  So instead get 7 to 8 hours a night and try to get the high quality sleep hours in (10pm to 2am)

3) Improve your body composition by adding more muscle and reducing your fat. The biggest body composition changer are heavy compound weightlifting such as the squat, deadlift, bench press. Switch from or limit your cardio to 1-2 hours a week and instead challenge yourself with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.

4) Reduce and manage your stress levels. Stress is very toxic to the body and can also cause you to crave unhealthy foods or take short cuts that comprise your health.

A quick word on supplements

Supplements don't build a great physique, proper training and nutrition does. 

Unfortunately, the workout supplement industry is plagued by pseudoscience, ridiculous hype, misleading advertising and endorsements, products full of junk ingredients, under dosing key ingredients, and many other shenanigans.

Most supplement companies produce cheap, junk products and try to dazzle you with ridiculous marketing claims, high-profile (and very expensive) endorsements, pseudo-scientific babble, fancy-sounding proprietary blends, and flashy packaging.

So, while workout supplements don’t play a vital role in building muscle and losing fat, and many are a complete waste of money…the right ones that focus on natural nutrition, minerals and trace minerals and superfoods can help.

Truth be told, there are safe, natural substances that have been scientifically proven to deliver benefits such as helping your body get rid of that visceral fat, help your body fight stress and to build and keep lean muscle mass and strength, muscle endurance and growth.

Check out my recent article on the nutritional cleansing and how it can help you as you transform your body, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is an example of how nutritional cleansing helped get rid of skinny fat. In short it is clinically proven to help the body lose fat, specifically that visceral fat around the middle which is associated with being skinny fat. It also clinically proven to gain lean muscle and help people just like you get better sleep, eliminate unhealthy cravings and gain lean muscle and more energy naturally.

Example of how you can get rid of skinny fat

As a part of my work as a life transformation coach, it’s been my passion to know what these substances are, and find products with them that I can confidently use myself and recommend to others. 

I only highlight a few great products her so if you want to learn more about my supplement line, check this out:

1)A product to naturally support your bodies ability to metabolize fat

Fat Burner to help get rid of skinny fat

This product naturally increases your metabolic speed and thereby amplifies your fat-burning chemicals produced by your body AND increases the fullness you feel from food.

2) A protein and nutrient rich meal replacement shake

Meal replacement shakes to help get rid of skinny fat

These meal replacement shakes are a great quick (just add water) and easy way to get that protein at breakfast in a yummy format which also is low-glycemic and gluten-free. They are also clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle.

3. Excellent multivitamin pak

Multivitamin to help get rid of skinny fat

This multivitamin pak covers all the key essentials noted above, a good multivitamin, your fish oils and Vitamin D. All pharmaceutical grade with high bio-availability- basically means easy for your body to actually get the benefit out of the multivitamin instead of pee your money out into the toilet. As you can see they also come in easy morning and evening serving paks that make it quick for you to travel with and know what you need to take when.

4. Creatine

creatine to help get rid of skinny fat and gain lean muscle

Creatine helps to reduce muscle damage and soreness as well as build muscle and strength. Creatine has also been shown to improve anaerobic endurance. This great pre-workout supplement is a great source of creatine and other natural substances to help you maximize your workout.

5. Natural brain and sleep support

Natural brain and sleep support to help get rid of skinny fat

Last and certainly not least, this great natural supplement helps your body get the best quality sleep so that you can wake up rested and restored. This was a heaven send for me when I my youngest still wasn't sleeping through the night. Best to take when you know you will get at least 4 hours of sleep.

So what's next?

Well you now know what skinny fat is, what might indicate if you are skinny fat, tests that you can have your doctor run on you to confirm and then things you can do to get rid of skinny fat, so...

STOP THINKING you get a pass because you are thin and take a good second look at your health.

AND If you or someone you know(share this article with them) are skinny fat, take some action(s) big or small to improve your health and decrease your health risk.

Thanks for reading and I welcome your comments! I hope you found great value in this article on how to get rid of skinny fat.

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