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Earlier this evening, I witnessed an incident whilst I was watching the World Athletics Championships held in London.  It was during the medal presentation for the mens 100 metres, which took place last night.

Justin Gatlin was the winner, and after his name was announced over the public address system, the spectators booed.  Indeed, after he had won the race he was booed.  

Now to provide some background to the situation, Justin Gatlin has been banned TWICE for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.  The spectators obviously felt that Justin Gatlin is a cheat and maybe shouldn't been competing at the highest level of the sport.

I've heard commentators remark on the booing as being in bad taste.  However I have to ask, where is the credibility of an athlete who has been banned TWICE in his career so far.  How can the paying public trust that the athlete is running 'clean'?

We all make mistakes, and it is essential that we forgive ourselves and others for making mistakes.  However in this situation, how many chances should an athlete be given?  Surely, the integrity of the athlete has to be called into question.

An interesting debate!

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