Isagenix Weight Loss Program -Does Isagenix Really Work?

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Isagenix Weight Loss Program -Does Isagenix Really Work?

Isagenix Weight Loss Program

Have you heard about Isagenix and want to understand what exactly it is?

Or perhaps you have had a friend of acquaintance experience Isagenix and seen their transformation and you are asking, what exactly is it, how does it work and is it safe and possible for me?

What can you expect 

If that's the case, in this blog post, I will tackle what the Isagenix Weight Loss Program is, What's in it includes, how and if it really works. Share my experience and honest opinion about the product line and a few key tips for your success on your first 30 days. This is going to be a pretty detailed blog post so you may wish to skim it at first and then come back to it later to review in detail the sections that interest you the most.

Before I do that, is it okay if I share a little bit about myself, how I came to be introduced to Isagenix and why I chose to make this the subject of one of my blog posts? Thank You!

A little bit about me and why I'm writing this blog

My name is JoAnne Mbonigaba and I'm married mom of 3 boys, Samuel-9, Benjamin-6 and Joshua-3. A dear friend of mine from university, Satbir, shared with me the Isagenix products and I started my first 30 day program shortly after weaning my third son.Within the first 30 days of incorporating the natural nutrition and superfoods into my daily regime, my energy was back, I was sleeping and breathing better (which is huge for a mom of a toddler) and despite being relatively slender, still saw my body fat drop by 5%. I've gone on to enjoy several of the programs/ products and helped a variety of others do the same. Now, I believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their best and Isagenix is uniquely positioned to be an amazing vehicle to allow people just like you to do so.

What is the Isagenix Weight Loss Program?

The Isagenix Weight Loss Program is a system of products called the the "30-Day Cleansing& Fat Burning System". This system is a ground-breaking path to healthy weight loss and designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities while infusing it with essential vitamins, botanicals, and other natural ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use of laxatives, stimulants or diuretics. It leverages the power of nutritional cleansing and rebalancing by first flooding the body with the nutrients it needs and deserves that are lacking in our food and then supporting the body's natural and often overwhelmed detoxification process, allowing your body to function and feel as amazing as it should. 

What are the products in the program?

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Picture of a 30 day system

Above is a picture of the complete 30-day system that I recommend people get started on. The key to your success with the Isagenix system is that each product in the system is designed to target a specific issue/ area of health AND more importantly are designed to work well together. Know that when you are doing the Isagenix Weight Loss Program, it is not in addition to what you are already doing but instead a shift or switch to the Isagenix nutritional products. 

So in the above 30-day system, with the 4 box/canisters of meal replacement shakes and one box of meal replacement bars, you are replacing a total of 68 meals which is more than 2 meals a day.

Specifically, the 30-day program includes:

4 canisters/boxes of meal replacement shakes

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Meal Replacement ShakesIsagenix Weight Loss Program - Non-diary meal replacement shakes

What makes the Isagenix replacement shakes superior is that not only are clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth with 24 g of high-quality protein but they only use high-quality New Zealand whey from grass-fed free roam cows free from antibiotics and steroid. The whey shakes come in vanilla, dutch chocolate, and strawberry cream and periodically different seasonal flavours. The non-diary shakes come in vanilla, rich chocolate and natural berry.

My personal take on these shakes is that they are easy to make, just add water, convenient, filling and an amazing value considering they are equal to three plated organic meals yet cost around $3 per meal. I also love the fact that I can give them to my kids and know that they are getting a much better start to their day than the typical bowl of sugary cereal. I'm in love with the dutch chocolate shakes and the seasonal shakes like the pumpkin spice. The seasonal shakes are extremely popular so when they are released you literally have to place your order right away or you miss out. I find the non-diary shakes are an acquired taste for someone who may be new to non-diary shakes and of the two I actually prefer the dutch chocolate (can you guess that I'm a chocolate girl ?).

1 box of the meal replacement bars

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Isalean Bars

In a box you get 12 bars and these bars come in all sorts of yummy flavours. Our family favourite is the chocolate cream crisp. I particularly like half of these bars as a healthy snack and to give them to my kids where they think they are having a chocolate treat when in fact they are having great nutrition for their bodies.

1 30 day supply of the Ageless Essentials with Product B

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Ageless Essentials with Product BIsagenix Weight Loss Program- value of a multivitamin

This 30 day supply of vitamins come in a pack specific to the needs for men or for women. There are pharmaceutical grade which means they are high quality and dissolve quickly so your body can access all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins packed into these vitamins. They come in an easy to use portable pak, one for the am and one for the pm. Isagenix is leading the way in the study of telomeres and it's impact on healthy aging and the Product B IsaGenesis included in these daily vitamin paks targets and supports optimal telomere health.

Many of my clients comment that they see and feel a difference when they incorporate these vitamins versus others they have tried. The notice a lift in brain fog and they feel and notice a difference in the texture and appearance of their skin, hair and nails. Below is one such transformation from the inside out:

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Product B transformation

2 bottles/ canisters of Cleanse for Life


One of the keys to Isagenix being able to help so many different people achieve their weight loss goals is the incorporation of intermittent fasting into the program. Specifically, in the fact that with the Isagenix program, unlike other fasting you may have completed, the Cleanse for Life nutritionally supports you during the fast and you can only cleanse for a maximum of 48 continuous hours.

When I first tried the program, I was worried about how this product was going to taste and also how my body was going to feel/ respond. I had done several other cleanse or detox programs before and found them to be really hard on my body plus some of them tasted just plain yucky. I was pleasantly surprised that this beverage actually tasted good and it wasn't a poopy cleanse. I also actually found it difficult to finish my fourth serving of Cleanse For Life because I was so full so I had to stay up just a little bit later to get it in.

I was pleased to find that I felt more energized on my cleanse days, especially on the second one so now I actually look forward to them. For someone who has never cleansed, this is really a mind over matter challenge on the first cleanse day or two. It's a change in habit so it may take a little getting used to yet the benefits to your body and overall health are well worth the effort. Plus when you add those yummy healthy Isa Delights, it can make for a great experience. 

1 bottle of Ionix Supreme

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Ionix Supreme

This is one of our top selling products and personally, I notice a difference if I run out of it in between my monthly grocery order. It's a very strong green drink that you take a small shot or two (or three if you are me with all the testosterone running rampant in my house :-) a day to support your body's better management of stress. This was an acquired taste for me on my first 30 days. However, with me noticing visible changes in how I looked and felt by day 4, I was very happy I made the effort and now I don't go a day without (unless I miscalculated between shipments). I actually now order 2 bottles each month because the difference in how I feel and look both in mental state and puffiness/bloating is just amazing.

1 box of Isa Delights

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Isa Delights

Another one of our most popular products. Who knew you could eat chocolate and lose weight? The Isa Delights also make the cleanse day experience a breeze as it helps to support your mind with a small treat during the day.

1 box of e-shots

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Healthy Energy ShotIsagenix Weight Loss Program- e shots

These shots are a great natural alternative to any product you may use to boost your energy during the day. They are also great to kick start a workout as they the body burn more fat during a workout. I keep a regular supply of these on hand for myself and consistently use them before my HIIT workouts.

1 cleanse support bundle

The cleanse support bundle includes Chewables, the Natural Accelerator and Isacomfort. These supplements can be used throughout the program. The Chewables are a portable snacking alternative. I usually have a bag or a bottle of them in my purse. The natural accelerators focus is to increase and help the body maintain a higher rate of metabolism thereby burning more fat naturally. The Isacomfort focuses on supporting optimal gut health. More and more research is highlighting the importance of your gut health as it relates to overall health - physically and mentally and Isagenix has structured the program to ensure that protocol is met.

To be honest, I found it hard to remember to consistently take these supplements as part of the program so to counter this I put reminders in my phone. I also, just couldn't stomach the vanilla Chewables so I let all my clients know that in advance and recommend the berry Chewables and in second place the chocolate. Only a few people are chocoholics like me so adding the berry Chewables gives a nice punch/switch.

With the 30-day value pack, you also receive the following other items and freebies:

1)Free mini blender to make it easy for you to prepare your shakes

2)2 sample packs to share with friends and family as they start to see your results and question what you are doing or for you to sample some of the products in there that you may not have in your package like the greens.

3)Free wholesale pricing membership for an entire year. Similar to Ccostco, Isagenix is a membership based business. Annual membership gets you access to wholesale pricing and periodic specials as well as further discounts if you order 100 BV size order or more monthly.

4)A $75 dollar coupon to attend an Isagenix event. These Isagenix events are an amazing way to really see what the company is about and to connect and hear others stories of transformation. I really like that they skip the hype and create simple and welcoming atmospheres that exude good energy with leaders authentically sharing their stories and answering questions.

5)A guide to healthier you and other supporting material to set you up for success depending on your goals with Isagenix. This guide is really well designed and comprehensive. When you do start your program, I encourage you to take a few minutes before hand and read through and complete each section of the guide, particularly the first several pages.

What is the actual program?

Below is a really good illustration of the two main types of days that you have during the program.

Shake Days and Cleanse Days. Throughout the first 30 days, you can have up to 4 cleanse days and 26 shakes days. I usually recommend for someone who has big goals or is new to cleansing that they get a good 5 days of shake days in before doing their first cleanse day that way, the body has started to fill in those nutritional gaps using the easily digestible clean superfood shakes. 

Isagenix Weight Loss Program

On a shake day, you can either do one shake and two meals or two shakes and one meal. This is the general protocol for most people however for someone with a high activity level such as professional athletes, their number of meals and shakes can go up considerably depending on their goals. In the guide, there is great guidance on what a good meal looks like including several example recipes and a list of sources for other good recipes. For my clients, I usually recommend that they do a shake in the morning for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the deal and often the most lacking in protein and nutrition so just that one swap alone can trigger a significant improvement on how you look and feel.

On a cleanse day, you are giving your digestive system a well-deserved break to repair and recoup. A cleanse day is the equivalent of giving yourself a gentle internal shower, helping your body to gently remove toxins and impurities that are blocking you from being at your best. Unlike laxatives, or colon cleanse, the Isagenix cleanse is a full body cellular cleanse designed to replace the toxins with vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This leads to a better and healthier you. 

Does the Isagenix Weight Loss program really work?

Well, let's look at a couple of things.

1st- Let's look at the facts via 3rd party Clinical studies

There have been multiple clinical studies completed to date on Isagenix and the different solutions we offer. Including in those clinical studies, a two stage long term project for which the results are depicted below.

Isagenix Weight Loss Program- Clinical support that the program worksundefined

From the research summary below you can see that the clinical study concluded that the Isagenix program delivered better fat loss particularly fat around the middle. The Phase 2 study results are the most critical for me as I know one of the main concerns clients have is that is the weight going to stay off for good. The results from the Phase 2 results showed clearly that those who used the Isagenix program not only saw better results but were able to maintain or improve upon them on the long term.

2nd- Let's look at Actual results received by so many others

As the saying going, a picture is worth a thousand words and if you google Isagenix transformation, you will find thousands of pictures of people be it after a 30 day or after 4 years of incorporating these nutritional solutions into their lifestyle.

Isagenix has been operating for over 10 years and over those 10 years, we have seen a flood of transformations in people's health and physical appearance. More importantly that these people have been not only able to release the weight but also embrace their new identity and keep the weight off, thanks to the supportive community and a great and unique Isagenix tool called the Healthy Mind and Body.

Here are just a few of those thousands of global transformations below:

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - 30 day transformation

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - transformationIsagenix Weight Loss Program - transformation Kelly-Ann Zanders

****The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3 kilos during the first 9 days of the Accelerated Wellness System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

Finally, let's look at The Guarantee

Isagenix believes so strongly in their solutions that there is a 30 day "eat everything and still get your money back" guarantee. And with me, I personally touch base with each of my clients throughout their transformation to ensure they are having the best experience and that they are well supported. So, if for whatever reason you decide it doesn't work for you within your first 30 days, I ensure that you get your refund. This is extremely rare yet does happen and the one time that it did, I made sure to remind the client and actually also called in on their behalf to get the ball rolling.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the program outlined above which includes approximately 2 meals or more replaced per day for the 30 day period plus all the other supplements and support is approximately $25 per day including taxes and delivery cost for a maximum total of just under $750 USD depending on your province and address. This can be paid by any major credit card.

If this feels to be outside of the budget you are willing to invest in yourself to achieve the changes your need. There is the opportunity that you can get your products paid for thanks to the generous Isagenix compensation plan. It's quite simple, we call it you plus two and them plus two and is depicted briefly in the video attached below. Basically, Isagenix will pay you cash when you refer another individual to the company(deposited to your bank account or a credit card), cash not discount or free products (although they also do this in some ways).

When you refer two or more people within the same week, Isagenix actually doubles those cash referrals to you so if you find two other people who would like to do the program with you and they join in the same calendar week (Monday to Sunday), these referrals would basically add up to 50% of your package cash back to you well before your credit card bill arrives. Take a look at the "You Plus Two Them Plus Two" video below to understand more:

Who can do the program?

The Isagenix program is currently available to be mailed directly to your door if you live in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Colombia and Indonesia. The product is shipped from a depot within that country so there are no duties and shipping cost is kept in a reasonable range.

The program is designed for adults 18 years or old. Those under the age of 18, must have the approval of their guardian/parent to proceed. Here is the complete list of products as of November 2016: Isagenix Weight Loss Program Allergen Table Nov 2016. This list includes ingredients that people may be allergic and which products contain them as well as the minimum age(last right column) to safely consume the product.

If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition, or are beginning a weight control program, consult your physician before using Isagenix products or making any other dietary changes. Discontinue use if adverse events occur.

Information provided on this Web site and on all publications, packaging, and labels is for general purposes only and designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended to substitute advice from your physician or health-care professional.

What's the best way to get started?

The best way to get started is with a 30-day system as outlined above. You may have heard of our 10-day program, yet I avoid recommending starting with that fist. When you starting feeling the results and want to keep going to achieve your goal, your total investment ends up being much higher than if you went for one of the 30-day value packages given the discounts that are incorporated in those bundles that you don't get with the 10 day. Further, the 30-day money back guarantee is only available for your first purchase so why tiptoe? Instead, make the decision then GO ALL IN so you experience the full kit and kaboodle risk-free and get a clear indication of how this can work for you.

Here is a video that I shot, walking you through step by step how to place your first order to maximize the value you receive for your initial investment:

What happens after the first 30 days?

During the course of your first 30-day program, we check in periodically so I can answer any questions, see how your results are coming along and make any tweaks as needed to improve your results and ensure you are enjoying the journey. If at the 30-day mark, you have achieved your goal, then after the first 30 days, we look into how to maintain the results for you. If at the 30-day mark, you still have a ways to go towards your goal, then by that time, we would have already spoken and set a plan for the next steps including customizing your system for that particular stage of the journey that you are in.

Other popular and highly recommended products

Outside of the 30-day programs that help people just like you, release weight and keep it off, have more energy naturally, improve their athletic performance or age more youthfully, there are also a few healthy lifestyle products that Isagenix offers. I would like to take a few minutes to spotlight my two favourite.

Brain and Sleep Support


Isagenix Weight Loss Programundefined


This is a great product that you can slip into your purse and stick in a small corner of your bathroom or medicine cabinet. It boosts the body with minerals and vitamins to help our body's immune system stay strong. This is particularly useful in the winter or if your travel frequently as these tend to the risk times for you to become susceptible to viruses or infections.

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Isamune

Recap and Final Thoughts

Let's be honest, there are many great programs and products out there, the key to you achieving the results you desire is making a decision. Making a decision that you want to give it a try and then making a decision on which program or products are right for you based on your preferences, goals, and budget.

Isagenix has a proven natural system that helps to get your body back into balance and packages can be created for any budget including showing someone how to get their products partially paid for or free. I will be your personal cheerleader, accountability partner, and coach ensuring you're are well supported along the journey. So the bottom line is, you will never truly know if it will work for you unless you give it a try. Are you willing to give it a try?

So the decision is yours, keep on doing what you're doing and get the same results or try something drastically different, risk-free, (thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee and my personal commitment to you). Something that is proven to help many people just like you achieve and most importantly maintain the healthy lifestyle they desired.

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - Yes, I'm ready

Your new life is waiting, will you accept the challenge and claim what is rightfully yours?

Isagenix Weight Loss Program - recap and final thoughts

P.S: Get started today, time flies! Do you want to live in regret or excited and happy that you said yes to you?

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