Me and Italy

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It’ s less than two months away. Our vacation. Time to make plans. One thing needs no thinking: Italy will be the place. I wonder why that country is so special to me? 
I think because we have one thing in common. We both( the Italians and me) want to enjoy life as much as we can. Enjoying life and feeling good, no matter the circumstances, is a passion of me for I guess all my life. And Italy is for me the embodiment of enjoying life.

Think about food for instance.

Step 1. The growing. Many Italians grow veggies in their garden to have the best products to cook with.

Step 2. The cooking. Very traditional. Why would you change a recipe when it’s already divine. Why infuse chinese, mexican or thai influences in it? It would bring me to tears although I love Chinese, Mexican and Thai food. Everything is fresh, healthy and well prepared.

Step 3. The eating. The time they make for enjoying the food and sharing it together. Better than a quick meal on the couch in front of the telly.

Altogether, eating in Italy is a feast.

I have a great example. Ruud (my husband) and I were in Cortona, Tuscany a few years ago. In a small street with very old buildings, we found a “piccolo” table for two at a restaurant. We ordered a salad. After a little while, the waiter brought a beautiful salad. All kinds of very thin sliced veggies. And violets on tops. Blue ones for Ruud and yellow ones for me. Just a piece of bread on the side and good olive oil to dress it. Heaven on a plate. And it was not just the food. It was the surrounding and the relaxed ambience people eat and talk together. After years still a clear and very pleasant memory.

By the way. There was a reason why I wanted to go to Cortona. The story of the film and book “Under the Tuscan sun” is situated there so I wanted to see it and feel it live. And I was not the only one. Many Americans (it’s an American movie) were there too.

Another treat for me; going to a little town or city, walk around a bit. And before you know it it’s lunch time. Eating lunch surrounded with Italians who are taking their time to have lunch properly and healthy. When you see it, it looks like they are going out for a festive lunch, but they do it like that every day. Not an old sandwich in a lunchbox with a cup of machine coffee.
No. Good food, freshly prepared, a glass of water and a glass of wine. And a proper espresso as dessert. The good life.

I am always a bit homesick when I go home again. Homesick for my second ‘home’. Although I don’t want to make Italy my first home. That is still Holland despite of the (many) rainy days.
Imagine. Buying tomatoes in the supermarket in Holland. Tomatoes from a greenhouse with neon-light. Without the taste of the sun. It almost breaks my heart. Mostly it takes a while to buy tomatoes again when I am back home.

But planning the vacation. That was the intent. Venice is on my list. And Sicily. But also Bologna, Lucca, Sardinia. I think we have to go crisscross through the country. Glad we have four weeks to spend.

And on the other hand. We want to reinvent vacation. Vacation will be different for us in the future. Being away longer parts of the year makes vacation unnecessary.
Therefore we’re going on a journey with the intention to live as if we’ve already live our laptop lifestyle is the plan. Work every day and enjoy life and new surroundings also. How would that look like?

Are we starting our days in Italy as we do now? Getting up at six, starting with meditation and mind setting and then work for a couple of hours? Maybe on a nice terrace? And then the rest of the day enjoying the free life by looking at places, reading books, doing nothing, watch a movie, enjoying the good food and the great ambience?

That sounds good to me.
I think it’s time for Ruud and me to go for a day out. A day of brainstorming outside our house. Looking for a good, vacation-like place, and doing a bit of reinventing. Take a step closer to our new life.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading.

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