Month #1. Eating Healthy

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Our 1st month of eating healthy has been another new experience. New experiences expand our brains & make room for new knowledge.

Most new ways of eating or dieting are often called fad diets such as the high protein, low carb diet. grain brain diet, Adkins, keto. Most literature recommends a certain period of time for diets as they are often unhealthy over extended periods of time. We were looking for ways of becoming healthier. Some of our friends had been attending a Lunch& Learn Programme that sounded very healthy, so we joined in August 2018.

Dr. Williams who was overseeing this program was enjoyable, entertaining & knowledgeable. Dr. Williams had been a Pharmacist before becoming a Cardiologist. We knew we were in good hands.

We knew he would monitor our weight, blood pressure & do blood work testing before we started & after 4 weeks.

We have the results of the blood pressure. They were quite normal the first time around. Mine was 126/81 & Dave's was 139/79. Dave is taking 20milligrams of Lipitor & 1 baby aspirin daily & I am on 0 medication.

Four weeks later, we went to get our blood work done after fasting. On our way there we each had a piece of gum. When we confessed to having the piece of gum the nurse said: "I'm sorry, you'll have to come back". She had a cute little smile on her face. Dave thought she was kidding. She was serious.

She thought the blood work results would be affected by the gum. So we went the next morning to get that second batch of blood work done. This nurse was excellent, I hardly felt the pick.

Since we fasted to get the blood work done, we were hungry so we went to Tim Horton's for coffee & a Farmer's breakfast wrap.

Now we were off to get weighed & have our blood pressure taken. 

After our 30 minute ride, we were weighed. Dave lost 2 lbs. & I lost 5.2 lbs. I was delighted as this was the first time ever, after monitoring our weight that I had lost more than Dave. It seems that men lose weight more readily than ladies.

This could also be an indicator that I have more weight to lose than Dave.

Blood pressure was next? Dave's was quite normal again. Mine was the highest I've ever seen it. 156/  (can't remember). The nurse thought it could be higher than my normal because of the coffee & or the salt in the ingredients of the Farmer's breakfast wrap. Whatever it was, I felt just fine. The next a.m. I took my blood pressure myself after coffee, & again it was higher than normal. I waited a few hours & took my blood pressure again & it was 117/81 & my pulse was 59. This is quite normal for me. I felt terrific & know how many things can affect your blood pressure.

We will receive all our reports soon. I don't know what all they check for in the blood work. I am looking forward to finding.

We certainly have become more aware & mindful of what is going on in the world.

Our learning journey began with our willingness to change & learn computer skills. It's amazing what this program has done for our education.

Imagine what it can do for you? Check out the same education Dave and I followed.  Pat. XO

Check this out.