Mummy, do we have time for porridge???

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This is a question that my son, aged 5 1/2 asked me yesterday… it made me think…

Normally, upon waking up, I ask my son what he would prefer to have for breakfast, the choices are normally cereals, toast or porridge.

Porridge takes a long time to cook but it’s healthy and he loves it as his Karate instructor says that porridge is the “Breakfast of Black Belts” 😊 and he likes to see himself as a future Black belt…

Although porridge is a great and nutritious breakfast, I sometimes find myself saying “…Sorry darling, we don’t have time for making porridge today…you need to get ready for school…”

I have never paid much attention to this before yesterday… it was just a matter of fact; we just didn’t have enough time to prepare porridge as we had to get ready to go to school… Maybe he slept in those 10 minutes, maybe his brother was crying and I had to attend to him… for whatever reason, we did not have enough time to cook the porridge… I am sure we have all been there.

But yesterday something was different and made me stop and think…

With the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have all been asked to do our bit and stay at home for the welfare of the nation, the NHS, and most of all for ourselves! Schools are closed, who can work from home has been doing so, etc… the whole world is slowing down.

Life as we knew it has changed…and I think it has changed for the better…

Before, when my son asked for porridge for breakfast, it was just a “No, sorry love, we don’t have time…” but WHY don’t we have time?

Why is society restricting us to obey to rigid schedules, timings, dictating what we can and cannot do… when did we agree to give society so much power over our lives?

Isn’t this OUR life? Aren’t WE supposed to make the decision of what makes us happy? Well… it looks like we have all forgot about that, me included…

Life is slowing down now so that we can appreciate what we have (willingly or not so willingly) traded away for a place in society, starting from something so simple as “what do I have time to prepare for breakfast”.

What if we all stop and use this time to reflect on “How are we using the time we have in our lives”?

What will our answers be? I am scared to even begin thinking of that…

Do we use society to hide ourselves and avoid the big questions of our lives? Who are we? What is our purpose? Why are we here?

Heavy questions, right?? “Oh… not sure… well… I have to go to work now…”

Or: “…Yes… I should really start to think and consider what really makes me happy… but now I have to go get ready pick the kids up from school…”

I am not saying I have all the answers, if anything I have even more questions than before… but by slowing my life down, all these questions are starting to emerge, and I have realised that if I want, now I have the time to stop and think at them… and maybe starting to find an answer to them… starting finding meaning to my life.

For once in our lives, we are not forced to rush here and there, forgetting those big questions and putting them in the backburner… if we want, we can face those big questions now… Now is the time… when would this happen again? Hopefully never… hopefully we will never be forced to remain in our homes again, but I also hope that people will start to see this as an “alternative way of life”. We can take our time to do things, we should at least try!

It’s our life! Let’s live it on our terms!!! If we don’t it will be a waste of life… a life spent following the hypothetical carrot on a stick…

Do what makes YOU happy! Follow your passions! Live life at your PACE!




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