Recipe Wednesday – Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers and my workout for the day.

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Hello, day 3 has started off with a corking workout, so I thought I would share it with you and a healthy recipe I made yesterday that has contributed to my food prepping for the week.

I did this work out 3 times with a 60 second break between rounds, it does not look much written down like this but I can tell you it was hard, especially the plank hip twists.  I have suffered from running injury’s for the last 4 years after running a half marathon and ended up with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis on both feet (not at the same time thank goodness), they seemed to move round so high impact workouts are a no go at the moment so I am starting from scratch building up strength in my legs and glutes and core to better support me in general and heal these issues. I then can progress back to the HIIT work outs and running again that I used to do.  Todays work out:

10 squats

20 mountain climbers

10 sumo squats

20 plank hip twists

10 glute bridges

Now for the Food

I usually buy bean burgers and nut burgers but thought I would have a go at making my own so I know exactly what goes in them.  Plus I can freeze what I don’t use so I always have something handy when I don’t have enough time to make a full on dinner.

I got this recipe from Pinterest and here is the link to the recipe website – Happy Healthy Mama

This is what I ended up with for dinner, the other 4 are now frozen sitting in my freezer. 


I have some more pictures posted on my Instagram account which you can find here,  

Have a great day evereyone :-)

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