Sweet Potato Que

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I love to cook , Specially when I make it perfect.


This food called a Sweet Potato Que that fried and coated with yummy melted brown Sugar. 

It's a famous Street food in the Philippines that every Filipino favourite afternoon snack on their Break time. I have learned to cook this yummy snack from my late mom. We had a small eatery (Maruya)business in my native language in Davao that my mum use to cook every afternoon, with some other snack to go with like Bananaque,Toron,and Banana fan ( Pinaypay). Everyday people gathered and queuing in our store to buy some of her cooking and I am busy too helping out my mum. Her bussiness goes well all the time, that make my mum get more motivated to carry on and keep cooking more and more.

Despite of pressure and much effort to make the business run smoothly, my mum use to wake up early like 3am in the morning to go in the Public Market to buy the stuff just to get the perfect Banana to sell, With my mum hard work, persistence, and passion in to her bussiness that I witness when I was a little girl I have learned so much of it. 

My mom everyday effort is always worth a penny and how I love to see her counting her high profit from a little capital. She has a courage to make it everyday and her strong belief that everyday is successful.

That now  I have applied to my Digital Business , I am very grateful of what I have learned and grown up of how to become a Successfull Business Owner. I have applied all my mum strategy of how to make the business grow with patience, passion, and interest and the most important part is not to ever give up no matter what happen untill you get what you want.

Now if any of you has a story to share please leave a comment and let's talk about it. 

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