The Chakras and Transformative Eating

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The Chakras and Transformative Eating


Most of us have heard about Chakras but if you are not sure what a Chakra is, literally translated Chakra means “wheel”.  It is used to describe the seven focal points of radiant power or vital energy within your subtle body.  The main Chakras are centred around the base of your spine or Root (Muladhara), lower abdomen or Sacral (Swadhisthana), Solar-plexus (Manipura), Heart (Anahata), Throat (Vishuddha), forehead or third eye (Ajna) and the Crown of your head (Sahasrara). Each has a colour associated with it. The Root is Red, Sacral is Orange, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Heart is Green, Throat is Blue, Brow is Indigo and Crown is Violet or Pure White.


Chakras function like a telephone exchange, countless wires or energy lines, known as Nadi energy undefinedchannels, which feed into these major Chakras.  Each Chakra takes in the energy, processes it and distributes it back out to its sphere of influence whether in your body or your aura. Chakras are the mechanisms by which emotions and ideas affect your physical body and vice versa, at the same time, Chakras convey information to and from your senses and your organs of action represented by your feet, tongue, genitals and anus.  This means as you remove energetic blockages in your Chakras you enhance your senses while boosting your physical and emotional Well-being.


Transforming your eating through observance will not only improve your digestion but can also help if you wish to eat healthier and lose weight. Try this simple exercise next time you eat:

undefinedAs you eat a piece of fruit or cheese or other food, observe its qualities.Concentrate your entire attention on appreciating its undefinedcolour texture, smell and taste. Chew each bite slowly, 20-30 times and notice the effect it has on your solar plexus (near your stomach). Visualise the fruit being digested and assimilated, and mentally see the energy of this Manipura Chakra distributing nutrients to all the parts of your body.

Do this exercise as often as you can. You may wish to keep a journal of your eating habits and your observations to see how your eating and awareness is being transformed.


undefinedEach Chakra is associated with an organ or gland of the body. The following is a list of associated organs and glands: Crown - Brain, nervous system and pituitary gland. Brow - Pineal gland, eyes, ears and skeletal system. Throat - Thyroid gland, larynx, trachea, ears, nose teeth, mouth, throat and carotid arteries. Heart - Circulatory system, respiratory system, arms, hands, shoulders, ribs, breast, diaphragm and thymus gland. Solar Plexus - Nervous system, stomach, gall bladder, large intestine, liver and pancreas. Sacral - Lymphatic and circulatory system, kidneys, adrenals, skin, female reproductive organs. Root - Spine, bladder, blood, kidneys, male reproductive organs, vagina, legs and feet.  

You can send healing to any part of the body using visualisation. Choose one chakra or area of the body which you feel needs healing.  Visualise the colour or the chakra itself and see healing light either in gold or white entering and circulating around that chakra or associated organ.  This technique can also be used during meditation for yourself or someone else who needs healing.


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