The most important habits to shape your life

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It wasn’t before 2010, when I quit smoking and gave up meat, that I started really paying attention to my habits and to what I was feeding my body with.

Since this discovering journey started I’ve completely revolutionized how I see health and basically everything I believed it was true about food and lifestyle. I can see the massive change I went through every time I go back to visit my family where I am now practically an alien to their world!

I would like to share with you, what I do so different from the masses, why I do it and the impact that it has had on me and potentially can have on you!!

The first breakthrough I had during this journey was after I finally quit my 15 years smoking addiction, what an achievement it was for me, probably the biggest and definitely the one that took the longest to achieve!

I came to realize, then, that our habits shape our lives and changing our habits will dramatically change our lives.

About habits, there are 2 components I want to highlight here and I will call them “the sheep component” and the “autopilot component”, by the “sheep component” I mean the tendency of doing what everybody is doing assuming that is the best thing to do because everybody is doing it, and by the “autopilot component” I mean the hardwired stuff in our brains which allows us to learn something and save it into our brain so that we can perform that thing without having to re-think it again and again, for example: brushing our teeth, riding a bicycle, driving, etc… When you put these two components together and apply them to millions of people, you have the picture of the society we live in today.

Millions of people doing what everybody is doing just because everybody is doing it and even though they are not happy doing it and it’s making them sick, they keep doing it because that’s all they have been doing and they know how to do it so well that they rather just do it as they don’t even have to think about how to do it!

The biggest problem I see with it is this: If we have been acting like sheep, who have we been following? And that is key! What if many of our habits have been formed by following the media? What kind of habits do you think they would want us to have? What are the main values behind the big corporations who sell their products to the masses? By the way, this post is not meant to be a critic to our society, instead what I want you to focus on is Yourself. What do you want? What are your values? And what if you created habits that shaped your life based on your own values and on what is most important to you? Would you be eating the same things? Thinking the same thoughts? Hanging out with the same people? You probably wouldn’t, and that’s what happened to me and that’s the transformation I went through!

I want to tell you a little bit about how it started for me but I want to make sure you understand that what I describe below It’s not meant to be a suggestion on what you should or should not be eating or consuming, but an invitation to shape your habits based on your own values, and to question whether or not what you have been doing up to now align with who you truly are!

As I mentioned one of the biggest achievements for me it was to stop smoking! That was such a hard wall on my path to break, that I think developed in me the necessary strength to go through and get rid of all the other stuff that followed. On the other hand, one of the easiest thing to do for me was giving up meat, until the moment I took that decision I never even considered it, and after that moment I never looked back. Couple of years down the line I have also eliminated all animal products from my diet and started shifting to a lifestyle based on love and compassion towards myself, other beings and the whole planet. It was during such shift when I realized that everything I knew and I have been thought wasn’t necessarily there for my best interest, and I had to re-learn all over, re-program myself and change my believes all based on my true identity.

This brought me where I am today where I don’t depend so much anymore on information, I don’t need to follow science and researches so much, why? Because I did my own research on myself, and therefore I know if consuming a particular product or engaging in a particular practice it’s “healthy” for me or not, I don’t need to ask a doctor what to eat, and how to fix myself, I learned to rely on my own intuition, on my own “religion” on my own values, and guess what, I feel healthy, light, energetic, and peaceful and the only research I wanna do is on how to live a life on my own terms and how to find those who believe what I believe and experience with them this journey, to express ourselves fully!

You might have wanted to know more about what I eat and what are exactly those things I do differently, and I will do share about that more in future posts, but what I feel is important to me now to share is the fact that we all have values and that most of the time the society standards don’t take them into consideration, and so it’s up to us to discover them first and live a life based on them, that, I believe will naturally bring us real health in our lives.

So I invite you and challenge you to look inside and realize what is really important to you and then look outside and see whether your habits reflect your values, how will you know? Try to take a broader view of the situation, whatever you buy these days, think about where it comes from, and especially, where it’s going after you used it, if you took anything, and followed its cycle, you would realize that this system we live in, isn’t based on health and prosperity, but instead “thrives” on scarcity and exploitation.

Enjoy this short video from "the story of stuff movies" to understand more about the big picture:

Again, this is not about society, this is about you, are you contributing to something you believe?


with love and faith



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