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Widely regarded as the richest man to ever live on this planet, John Davison Rockefeller Sr. built a gigantic empire in the oil business.  I'm going to highlight the steps he took in his later life, that impressed me the most about him.

At the age of 57, after building his huge empire, Rockefeller was in ill-health.  He consulted his physician, and was told that, if he continued to live in the way that he was, he had another 3 years to live.

Obviously, Rockefeller had a big decision to make.  So here is what he did:

1.  He moved to a warm climate, namely Florida.  A climate conducive to his good health and longevity.

2.  Ate slowly, in moderation, and chewed everything well.  Helping his digestion of food.

3.  Played golf daily.  Absorbing fresh air and sunshine, while being active.

4.  Slept eight hours every night and took short naps every day.  Therefore, avoiding harmful fatigue.

5.  Attended church every Sunday, and took notes to learn principles that he could apply daily.

6.  Digested mental and spiritual vitamins.  Grace was said at each meal.  At dinner, his secretary, a guest, or a member of his family read the Bible, a sermon, an inspirational poem, or a motivating article.

7.  Employed a doctor full-time.  In order to help him stay healthy and motivated.  I suppose nowadays, that would be regarded as hiring a Life-coach.

The result of these actions, meant that Rockefeller lived to be 97 years old.  He was given 3 years to live, but by changing his lifestyle, he lived for another 40 years.

Wow!  What a wonderful example to us all!

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