Weight Loss Anyone

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Many of us tend to add on the pounds as we get older. Some say it's normal. Some say it's because we don't move enough. Some give the credit to junk food. Others say it's from the preservatives in our food.

Whatever it is it must be what we are putting in our mouths. Only we have control over this.

My last resort for weight loss was eating less & move more. Over the years I've tried every fad diet out there. They all worked. I lost weight. Then merrily went about eating the way I wanted to as I had achieved my goal. This has been ongoing since the birth of our last child 45 years ago. Up until then I was fit, trim & felt good about my body. Then the dieting started.

Yes, all the diets I tried worked. Most were recommended to stay on for a short period of time only, then it was wise to get off of the diet as there is something missing in many of them.

So, it has been a never-ending battle. For about 10 years I exercised a lot while in Florida for the winter months. I would lose weight & then come back home & gain it all back.

What a yo-yo effect for my inner body, that we don't get to see. My inner body does talk to me regularly with aches & pains. I've always believed our bodies can heal themselves & fortunately take no medications. We still use Nikken Magnets for aches & pains. They work for us.

I sold & was hooked on food supplements at one time and felt terrific. They were expensive & most doctor's say produce expensive urine.

For the last few years, some of our friends have been attending a Lunch & Learn meeting put on by a cardiologist, Dr. Williams. The luncheons took place in a nearby town of Bracebridge. It sounded wonderful but was on Dave's golf day so we put off The Lunch & Learn.

Last September Dave had angioplasty with a stent put in his one artery. This year he did not join the golf course to look after his medical issues. That freed up our Wednesdays so we enrolled in the Lunch & Learn sessions.

Improving our eating habits will improve our health.

Studies have been done by cardiologists, much weight has been lost for others who followed the plan. Studies have been done where type 2 diabetics are no longer diabetics & heart diseased patients no longer have heart disease.

So we are on what we think is the best diet yet to lose weight & regain our health.

We are being monitored by Dr. William's. We have had our blood pressure taken, blood work is done & weighed 4 weeks ago. We will go today to have our blood pressure taken, blood work done and be weighed again to see our progress.

To me, this is a healthy way to lose weight. Having a doctor monitoring your progress is reassuring.

For our total health, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially & spiritually, we need to make changes. Are you ready to make some changes?

Don't put things off as we have done. We encourage you to see how to get started now.

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