Who's That Man In The Mirror

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I woke one morning got out of bed, walked past the mirror and asked myself Who's that Man In The Mirror, what I saw everytime I looked in the mirror discusted me. I started noticing I was not in a lot of photos of family events. There was lots of other family members in photos with each other but not to many with me. "Why"? because I would avoid having my photo taken, I personaly thought I was spoiling the photos, not intentially it has become natural behavier. I am disapearing from history, soon there won't be photo evidence that I lived past my 50s. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!undefined

I amTired and fed up of draging an extra 20 odd Kilos around, not fitting into any clothes in my wordrobe and have you noticed the new style of clothes are all tapered for young slim adults not peach shaped bellies like mine. This extra wieght is pulling me down and making me unhappy. Where is that slim happy face, Where is that slim atheletic body, Where is that strong person that used to win marathons, win spinting races, jump the highest and the longest, I was always so fit and healthy I just can't believe I have let myself get like this.  

I have always been quite an active person who loves camping fishing and exploring. Quite a few months ago now I started my Digital Business with the S.F.M and a good part of my Business is to shoot some video footage of myself. Well I still have not been able to bring myself to do that as I didn't want anyone else to see what I see The Man In The Mirror. I guess I like my food, lollies and alchohol just a little to much!

I started about 3 weeks ago exercising and started watching what I am eating. I have been telling everyone that I would write a Blog about my destined change. Well until now I have been making excuses if I went public I wouldn't be able to back out of my desicion, especially the promise of no sugar or alchahol until I at least loose 10 Kilo ! ( Oh S..t ) this is it, time to my money where my mouth is!

So I have decided to try to record all my progress

  • What I eat and when
  • What I drink
  • What exercize I do
  • How much I weigh 
  • What my HUMUNGAS girth is

 "Look I no I can do this"! so please help and follow me on my journey, please feel free to leave comments or advice. Oh and I challenge anyone else to join me on this Lifestyle change. Come on I dare you!!!!


If you would like to find out more about the SFM. And are interested in what has inspired me to finally start improving my health and lifestyle, just click on this link below and you will have the opportunity to hear from Stewart and Jay and recieve your Free 7 day training videos. I guaranty you will be totally Impressed like I was. Remember the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step Oh and please dont forget to leave your comments below Cheers Kevin. 



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