Work 'n' Travel

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My 24H expierence on working onborad of a cruiseship 

This is a short article of a regular day on a cruiship. At the end of the year 2016, I went on a Mission which should chnage my Life. I decided to work on a cruiseship as a senior barkeeper. I worked on the Tui Cruises Line and I was lucky enough to travel the carribean route. I was onboard of the Tui Cruises Line 6 Months in total and i want to share one day with you.


As you can see this is a HUGE Cruisliner with over 2500 passengers and 1200 crew. The crew sleeps and live on Deck 1 which is at sea Level. Deck 1 and Deck 0 are reserved for the crew. Deck 2 - Deck 14 is the passenger's area. They is alot of differnet departments for the crew, I was in the bar department, as a staff memeber of the bar department the working hours are harsh. Work would start at 12:00, sometimes at 14:00 or even sometimes at 16:00. This would result to, that you can sleep in if you wish, but you finish work quite late in the morning. 

The average day would be compleatly planed by the head of department, when exactly your break begins / ends. How long your break time is. Everything is well planed and honestly, I found it harsh that every minute of your day is planed not by your self, its planed by the head of department and if you didn't follow the rules on the ship, trouble would be around the corner. I had and have always loved the idea of Work 'n' Travel, but not if you can't plan it the way you would like it. You must understand, working on a cruiseship is like, the army. Many many rules, theirs always someone over one another in the totem pole of a crusier so the easiest way not to cause any trouble is to be inconspicious. 

I was the Senior Barkeeper of the Lumas Bar, which meant that I was responsable for the drink and the beverages in the bar.My average day would look like the following, my alarm would ring at 11.00, then I would have breakfast, drink a coffee whith the colleges, make my self ready and get dressed into my uniform.The crew member who had the first shift, would also have to open the bar and set everything up. After opening the bar and preparing the bottle with the right equiptment, I made the checklist if the liquors I had ordered the evening before, would all the their. After checking my List, my first guest are all ready to rumble for their first beer, coffee or a soda.i worked 14h a day under massive stress, making 25-30 drinks a minute and it wouldn't stop. The stress would keep going and after 14h of work you are ready for sleep. the most sleep I got as I was working as a barkeepr on the cruiser was 6 hours. The only factor which keept me motivated where the crew and the guests. I' a true entertainer and I like to have a laugh with the people that I surround my self with.

I mean look at this view, on my break time I always sat on the Crew deck with some friends and I thought to my self, their must be something out their, where you can combine this view of the carribean sea and making income without working your back off 14 hours daily, 7 days a week, 6 months long. I mean, theirs just gotta be another way. Yes, i do admit, working in a bar 14 hours daily is not really what I am kean of but for that view and that expierence it was worth it. take it on the long run, I would would prefer a lifestyle Business where, you can 

                                           - learn while you earn

                                           - learn sufficant content

                                           - live the Life you deserve

                                           - enjoy the journey as it goes on ( just like on the ship) 

                                           - earn income on your Laptop.

                                           - and so much more..

I'm so grateful to be part of this epic communtiy of the SFM because, I can forfill my dreams doing online marketing, travelling the world and see the most beautiful places on the globe. This wouldn't be possible if you are tyed to your desk in the office. Of course it would be possible, but your time is restriced. Maybe 1 week or max 2 weeks, but imagine this, how would you feel if you could spend the next 6 Months travelling the globe and earing income while your travelling? I could tell you how I feel, like superman :) That is my definition of freedom 


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