My Recovery from Addiction series

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Hi its Dermot here again. I have been blogging for nearly a month now and as this is all new to me, I was trying to get used to it and mainly write what I feel.

To the best of my knowledge, the main purpose of a blog is to create value for the reader and not so for the writer. Call a spade a spade, I do want to make a living out of this, so my goal is to create leads and sales.

Thinking about this did not sit with me well at the time, as I also do not feel passionate about telling people how best to affiliate market, what to do or not to do or how to navigate the web, as I am just learning myself and am not confident enough to advise anyone else on this.

I had to go away and re evaluate my Niche, who am I marketing to, what are their likes, dislikes, pain points and what do I want to tell them. What is my expertise. I was wracking my head over this and then I had an epiphany. "Recovery from Addiction Series"

Of course, what am I, & what do I do? I am an Alcoholic and an Addiction Counsellor. I’ve been an alcoholic since I first drank at 15 and eventually got sober at 34 & have been a recovering alcoholic to date. I have been a practicing Addiction Counsellor since 2006 to date, so that’s 12 years experience working in a treatment centre. I have also studied CBT and Life Coaching. There is a ton of value there that I can share with other recovering addicts/alcoholics and even people still in active addiction.

Let's talk about recovery from addiction and I will share with you all my experience, strength & hope, not so much about my drinking days, but about my recovery. I will share with you everything I know A to Z and will do this over a number of blogs. I would also love to hear about your recovery journeys too. I will not be looking at the Hows,Whys & When the addiction happened,as that is in the past & I will not be focusing on all the pyscho bable and medical jargon. If you want that then best look elsewhere.  

If you have been effected by addiction in any way or are struggling with recovery and would like something discussed or have any questions, you can leave a comment. I would gladly try to help and would be open to guest bloggers, who wish to add their experience, strength & hope to "Recovery from Addiction Series".

My Recovery is about growth and rediscovery, we all must move forward and can't stay still. I've moved forward by doing something, that only a few years ago would never have had the guts to, and that's getting into marketing & on the World Wide Web.

Contents of "Recovery From Addiction Series":









Core Beliefs




Character Defects

Irrational Beliefs




Chemical Dependency



Denial & Delusion









Letting Go


Poor Me's

Pursuit of Happiness

Turning Negativity around


Recovery in Aftercare

Relapse Prevention



X Addiction

Self Esteem

Family in Addiction Recovery Part 1 - Roles

Family in Addiction Recovery Part 2- Enabling

Family in Addiction Recovery Part 3 - Co-dependency

Family in Addiction Recovery Part 4- Life After Treatment

Addiction Recovery & the family

The articles in "Recovery from Addiction" Series, are the opinion of the author and if you would like to contribute to it, please leave a comment in the comment box below. If you want to subscribe, for free, to any further blogs of mine please leave your email in the blue box below.


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