Yam Chops.

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We have been working towards healthier eating.

Each week we attend a lunch & learn program with Dr. Williams in Bracebridge Ontario. He makes a lot of common sense with statistics to back his beliefs. His beliefs often take us way back in History many years ago.

Dr. Williams encourages us to eat better than we did before. The learning is quite a process.

To assist us with our new eating habits, we receive a lunch each week with the recipe to go with it.

Yesterday we had a cooking class at the grocery store in Bracebridge. The owner of Yam Chops chef Michael & his wife taught us how to make plant-based recipes. We focused on 2 popular sandwiches, egg salad & tuna. (without eggs or tuna).

The other food choice he cooked for us was Red Lentil Curry Chilli.

I decided to make the 3 recipes that we enjoyed very much. We shopped at the grocery store where we had the cooking class for many ingredients we have never purchased before. Arriving home we realized we still have a few items needed to make our new recipes. We will shop again tomorrow.

As we learn & read more about a plant-based diet, we came across a Dr. online that has performed 10,000 heart surgeries & now admits if he had known about a plant-based way of eating, most of these surgeries could have been prevented. I hope the oncologists will start to listen & try this before they perform surgeries that may have been prevented. Sometimes chemo & radiation could also be avoided.

There have been studies done on diabetes Type 2 patients that have eliminated diabetes type 2  in 90% of those following instructions for a plant-based diet for 12 weeks.

Patients have been monitored by  Doctor's during the time of the testing.

We all need a wake-up call & realize we only have one chance at this life & one body to look after. Our own body is what we must control as we feed it with good food or food that makes us sick.

Yes, there is learning to be done & action to be taken to have a healthy body. It is much like the mind, we need to clear out the bad to make way for the good

As I taught Physical Education, I often say " A good body makes for a good mind". I know much more now than I did years ago.

Everything changes as we learn more & implement it into our systems. Take the opportunity to learn. There is so much meaningful education online for everyone, don't be left behind.

We were born rich & meant to have an abundant life, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially & spiritually. These are all connected, just as we are.

Join us in learning @  https://bit.ly/2M6WdRs  Take what you like & leave the rest behind.