What is your personality type? Take This Quiz

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Why do people react differently to the same experience? Everyone has their own personality type and their unique personality traits. It is fun taking personality quizzes, but at the same time, they can uncover specific characteristics and insights that help us understand our individual differences. 

Such quizzes usually offer an entertaining source of diversion during the middle of an endless working day, but they can also be a constructive exercise in discovering something about yourself and how you relate to the world. The test can provide you with massive insight into the core factors of who you are.

Your personality will dictate how you view the world and those around you. Knowing more about your yourself can assist you to live a happier life. If you discover a personality trait that you are not pleased with, the information can provide a guide and understanding of the characteristics that may need changing.

If you are in business or career, spend some time searching on the internet, bookstore or library resources that provide details of the personality traits of efficient, accomplished business people. They seem to possess the knowledge and skills that lead them to be successful in business and life.

Personality and prospect types often go hand in hand. Identifying your target market is crucial to any successful marketing campaign due to the different types of personalities.

Each person is different, and it has to be approached separately from a marketing perspective. It is essential to understand them individually.  In my article "How Many Types of Prospects are there in business?" I covered this important topic. 

As far as personality quizzes, there are many to choose from. I picked "What Season are You?." It is short and fun to do. You will enjoy discovering if you are a Free Spirit, Adventurous, Warm and joyful, Flexible, or Independent - take the test and find out!

The point is to nurture, cultivate and learn about yourself and how you relate to the world.  


What did you discover? What drives you? Did you find out your strengths and weaknesses? 

Hope you have fun doing the test. What other quizzes you have found helpful? Share them in the comments below, we all gain from your knowledge. 

With much appreciation