A six-pack in 90 days

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Health is an important value to me. First I had no idea what it actually was. All I knew was a way to improve it by exercising and nutrition and not getting sick. But when I sat down and started to write things down on paper what I thought were important to health, I realized that there’s way more to it. Still, I wasn’t really doing anything about it. Luckily I found some mentors that helped me get into action and start to work on my health. Last year I did a 90 Day Challenge, where I worked on my body, being, business and balance, and that really worked for me. However, after the 90 days, I fell back into my old rhythm. And by doing that I got on a road that would not lead me to the goal I wanted. Now I’ve set for myself a goal that I will get myself a six-pack. And I created a 90 Day Challenge to get there. This will be my journey to get what I want.

Isn’t 90 days a little bit too short?

Well, that’s a possibility, and yes it might take more days to get that. And I’m not afraid to fail anymore. I know that if I don’t get this in 90 days, I will still be closer if I don’t do anything about it at all. I would fail forward like Denzel Washington said it well:


So why would I do again a 90-day challenge?

Well, let me explain this with a metaphor. A video game is very linear, it has a start and an end. But to get to that end, you have to go through some chapters. Those chapters have missions and even side missions.

To get where I want to be, I need to divide my end goal into chapters as well and into missions. And by making it smaller, it will be easier to get there. The big picture is frightening to look at, but by dividing it, it seems reachable. So to get this six-pack in 90 days is just a small thing I want for my real goal.

In the video games, the start is easy to beat the enemies. However, there will always be some stronger enemies and even bosses. You need to gain more experience points to beat them. And once you leveled up a bit, those enemies become very easy to beat as well. And because the next level will need more experience points to reach it, you need to fight more of the same enemies.

When it comes to exercising, it’s similar. You start without any weights and you get stronger. However, after doing that without weights for a while it becomes harder to improve the muscles. So you challenge yourself with something new (new enemies) and you start to add weights to your exercises.

I will be challenged as well on my journey to that six-pack. Food is one of those challenges and I discovered I do not win every battle. But as long as I win the challenge, it’s good for me. There are also times I really don’t feel like working out. And the start is always hard, but after I’ve done those workouts I feel great about it. So after finishing those workouts I would say I gained enough point to level up. Now it’s even time to get more experience and therefore I will need to train more.

The reason I started to work out on my six-pack.

Well, it’s a part of my end results. Health is a subject I see that is very broad and this is just a small part of it. But this is part of my blueprint. I designed a blueprint that will help me get to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Having a strong body is part of the foundation and together with a strong mindset, that foundation will be great. At least so I thought, but I discovered something else. I discovered finance is an important issue as well. So I include that in the foundation as well.

I know that a bad financial statement is affecting my health. It turns out that I worry about paying the bills and that worry becomes so bad that I really can’t enjoy anything.

“Money increases happiness when it meets our basic needs.” ~ Body Worlds Amsterdam

Well, I was in a position where I had so many bills that I could not afford to pay any food. So I need to level up in that area as well because I really don’t want to experience that again. It’s necessary for my own survival that I arrange my finances.

These three areas, body, mind, and finance, are my foundation. These three things are supporting each other. And that six-pack is just an example for me that when I put my mind on it and do the required actions, that I will get it. I’m getting that six-pack because it will be visible in the eye. And when things are visible for the eye, I feel like I make progress. In order to make it even more visible for me, I started to write down the exercises that I’m doing and how many I’m doing and how much weight I’m using.

October 1st I got my schedules from my trainer to work with. I need at least 3 times a week to do them. I started training on October 3rd. Also, I weight myself and got the results of the muscles in my body as well as the fat in my body. So with this, I have a starting point. That starting point is important because I can compare it next time to see if I make any progress. If I make progress, I feel great and I want to get more progress. If I’m not making progress, I will need to train harder. I know that because I already did those two things before in my previous challenge.

But I know that I will experience some pain by going through the challenges that I will face, I might as well get what I want from it!

These are my results from weighing the first time.

Date: 20 September

Age: 32 Length: 1.81m


76.7 kg

Body fat %


Body water %


Muscle mass


Physique rating:

-          Left arm

-          Right arm

-          Center

-          Left leg

-          Right leg


-          3.4

-          3.4

-          32.6

-          10.0

-          10.2



Metabolic age


Bone mass


Visceral fat


These are my starting pictures:

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