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EXODUS 34:21

You shall work six days, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during ploughing time and harvest you shall rest.

Rest and relaxation is highly important in our lives.  However, quality recreation is also highly important.  Time to delve into or pursue a pastime that you can focus your attention on, therefore taking your mind off your daily pressures, and at the same time lifting your spirit and mood.

Many people do not appreciate the value of quality recreation time, which leads them to over-work and become overwhelmed with the daily pressures in their lives.  A major factor in more and more people taking time off work due to illness, is some sort of mental issue.  This is usually caused by 'burn-out'.

Plan your time carefully and incorporate specific time to pursue a hobby that invigorates you.  Something that expands your mind and your spirit.  It could involve joining a club or a society, where you become part of a team or a cause.  The options are limitless.

For those of you that have children, it could be as simple as playing with your children.  Doing whatever it is that your children want you to do with them at the time.  As long as your mind is focused in the moment, this can be a fantastic way of taking your mind off your daily pressures.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of quality recreational activity.  It is part of living a well-balanced life.  A life filled with peace, love, health, happiness, success and prosperity.

Take time now to plan your time away from work, or incorporate time away from your business.  This will prove to be a major advancement in your life.


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