Top 5 Video Games to Play with Your Kids

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When it's Time to Relax, Video Games can be a Time for Bonding

My Son is 7 years old and like the Majority of Kids these day, they love the Technology of Video Gaming..

It's a hot Debate of Present , of the High rate of Screen time our kids are experiencing...I'm not an Expert on the matter but I am in the ideal seat to see both sides of the Picture..

As a Young Father (30), with a Son at a Crucial age, I'm seeing the Pros and Cons of this Saga Firsthand...

Let's face it, as Parents in this Fast Paced, Time and Energy Demanding Modern the End of the Day, it's Easy for them to pick up there Games and Give us some Much needed Peace and Quite!...

As a Kid I was very Active with surfing, football, love of nature etc yet I Also really enjoyed Video Games.... I was growing up in the Rise of video games!

I found them to be Character Building, confidence building, improved motor skills and coordination, problem solving and found they taught me to keep trying again and again until I 'passed' the game which was a big achievement..

Naturally, I enjoy playing video games with my Boy..

Top 5 Games I Have really Enjoyed and are a Great Bonding Experience

1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze -

This is a great Platform Game where you play from left to right of the screen and work your way through worlds. We played Co-op Mode right through to Completion and it was a real challenge!! We seriously had to work together and trust one another! It's real team work and quite literally would 'piggyback' him through some stages and at times he would do the impossible and it was a great effort where we would both feel extremely rewarded and proud! Mum even had a go! This game will TEST your relationship and provide many opportunities for valuable life lessons!!

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze for thos in Australia

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -

It's always good to have a driving game in there, teach them the basic road rules at an early age...This one is great for the whole family but be warned, it can become very competitive!! You can race as a team for the title or shoot out of the blocks head to head...race through Castles, on top of rainbows and through mushroom fields...a lot of fun!

Mario kart 8 Deluxe for those in Australia

3. Stardew Valley -

This one is Great. A farming game with daily responsibilities on the farm to fulfil! After inheriting your Grandfathers farm that has become run down after a time of neglect, you are charged with the responsibility of cleaning it up and getting it into full production again.  This one allowed for my son to show a lot of independence whilst needing a lot of support to get things rolling....once the land is cleared you can get chooks, sheep, cows etc and also grow crops that need to be watered..! as you can imagine I ended up doing the lions share of the Work! good valuable lessons and work ethic!

This Game Can be Downloaded Directly from the Nintendo Switch Console!

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -

This game is an open ended world with much exploration to do and trials to overcome including problem solving puzzles and defeating enemies in battle ( sword and bow). This is an Odyssey, a  great adventure where I watched him grow in confidence..a Higher difficulty level and real gem and wonder. I particularly enjoyed taming wild horses and riding them over the wild country!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for those in Australia

5.  Minecraft -

Last but not least!! The game that became a phenomenon...Begin in the wild and build from all the natural building blocks of nature...use the resources around you. We had a lot of fun surviving our first couple of nights as we had to build a shelter before dark! This games durability is incredible and i know when he is playing it he is designing a house or something so that's cool!

Minecraft for those in Australia

Turn the Video Gaming World into a Positive Environment for Quality time and Relational involvement!

We have had a great time playing these games together and we meet on a 'Friend' level in the virtual world. It's Awesome!


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