Vision and the monkey chatter that keeps me away from it

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Vision is seeing clearly what you want to achieve in the future. When I take a picture with my cell phone and I look at it, I’m already looking at the past. Vision is seeing that picture that you want in your future. In order to see what I want, I need imagination and to get there I need creativity because there are several ways to get there. A great example of vision is made in a video:

And as I said in my previous blog to get to that bigger picture I need to divide it into parts to get there. So there come the missions. Missions are action points to take to reach a goal. In video games, it’s to beat the first boss in the chapter. To get there I need to defeat several grunts and their leaders first. Now it’s linear I’ll end up at that boss no matter what. But in real life, I can get distracted quite fast. That chatter inside my head tries it with every time with any means possible. I’ll give you an example where I struggle with getting my six-pack.

My vision is to be healthy and to stay that way. My mission now is to get a six-pack. And my monkey mind (MM) is trying to let me (HM = human mind) stay in the comfort zone. The conversation goes as follows:

MM: Is it healthy to have a six-pack?

HM: Yes it is! It makes my body strong and with a stronger body, I can protect myself from dangers.

MM: But you’re not living in a jungle, so you don’t face any tigers?

HM: It’s not just about winning the battles with tigers. The body has several systems and I believe that increasing one system, the others will increase as well. So with exercising the muscles I will also increase my stamina, with increasing stamina I’m increasing my heart rate that pumps the blood through my body. Also with a stronger body, I believe that the mind also becomes stronger.

MM: So you want to be like a statue as the old Greek portrayed it back in the days?

HM: Yes I do think that is a healthy look.

MM: But what about the Buddhists? They portrayed a whole different body and that it’s not about the body, but that it is more important to have a healthier mind.

HM: Well it’s true that the looks aren’t that important and the mind is important. However, I think it is important how I feel about my body is important. And right now I don’t feel that healthy nor strong with the current body I’m having. And it’s my choice to change that. By making it visible that I have a stronger body, I will feel better about myself because I will have faced a lot of difficult choices.

MM: Okay, that’s fair enough. However, if you want to be healthy, don’t you think that having a fat reserve is important too? I mean if something bad happens, you need to have reserves to recover, right?

HM: Hmm that’s a good point. Yes, I do believe that a fat reserve is important. However, I believe that getting that six-pack is more important for me right now because that shows that once you put your mind and effort towards it, that it is possible to get it.

MM: Right, I can understand that it’s important to fight off predators, but you’re not living in a country where there are wild animals trying to kill you. And if you live close to the north pole I think it’s important to have more fat percentage than someone that lives close to the equator. The body needs to form so that the person can survive. So why are you so focused on that six-pack? I mean don’t you know how much work that is for you?

HM: Yes I know it will be a lot of work. But it thinks it’s a better solution than being the couch potato and game all day long.


This kind of chatter will always appear. It will do anything to keep me in that comfort zone and comes even with great reasons why I should do that. And I do not win every conversation. But being aware of the conversation is one thing. But to put in the right action is another. So I will sometimes take a longer road to finish that mission.

With better awareness comes better choices. With better choices comes better results.” ~ Robin Sharma

So it’s best to keep in mind what I want in the long term. That’s why I made a collage. A collage is a design made by pasting pieces of paper, cloth, photographs onto a surface. It doesn’t always keep me on the right track, but just to know where I want to go, is just the start. By staying aware I will know if I stay on the path to get there or if I’m off the path. When I’m off the path I need to make a new way to get there. I can’t blame the circumstances for getting off the path, but I can correct myself to get where I want to go.


Side note: There are a lot of books of the great philosopher Plato. And even though I haven’t read much of his works yet. I do find it remarkable about his text that the conversations start with a subject and the conversation will go sideways right away. In those conversations, questions are asked about something else completely. I wonder if his books are from real conversations or if it was his own imagination or both?

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