What a victory

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I'm not a sports commentator or avid fan ,I am an aspiring affiliate online marketer, but I am so proud of the Irish team winning the Grand Slam 2018. Not because the final game was against the old nemesis, but beating England on their own turf and on St Paddy's Day has an extra sting in the tail, but just the whole inspirational  journey of the 6 Nations 2018 & I'm Irish. (Sorry England)

A good number of Ireland's first team where relatively unknown new comers, so no one really had any notion that they would go as far as winning the Grand Slam. From the opening game against France, which I unfortunately missed live, you could see that this team was a driving force to be reckoned with.

They went from strength to strength as the tournament progressed. It was so inspiring to watch and the all stars weren’t always the old faithful but the newbie’s, a lot of them in their early 20's.

If this is the caliber of the team now and with so much new young talent, they can only go from strength to strength. It will be an interesting World Cup in Japan next year, if the lads can emulate their 6 Nations Tournament.

Best of Luck and I'm sure after this win, the whole country and every other Irish diasporas worldwide will be behind you.

Watching this team progress over the last 6 weeks, going from win after win, you could see the confidence and motivation ooze out of them. It is evidence that if you put your mind on something you can achieve it, no matter what as long as you are passionate about it. They all have that passion. This passion motivated me in my new career, to never give up, no matter how difficult the challenge.

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