Lawrence E. Wilson

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Lawrence E. Wilson is the owner of Genesys Ventures, an Internet publishing and marketing firm based in Silicon Valley, California (USA). We are located just miles from the global headquarters of major cyber security firms including Symantec, McAfee (Intel), Cisco Systems, Trend Micro, FireEye, Fortinent, WebRoot, FireEye and Palo Alto Networks, along with the Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). Each year the San Francisco Bay hosts the RSA Security Conference.

Before moving to Silicon Valley he worked and attended graduate school in Washington, DC home of the US CIA, US NSA, US Defense Intelligence Agency, Brookings Institution and the Heritage Foundation. Lawrence E. Wilson holds a BA degree from the University of Michigan, an MBA degree from George Washington University and has worked in the dynamic Silicon Valley high tech sector for over two decades.

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