Emily Grace and Ed Goodall

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Emily Grace – Spiritual Mentor and Entrepreneur
Emily Grace is a Spiritual Mentor with over 20 years experience who is passionate about helping others find and fulfil their true purpose, to live the meaningful and joyful life they were born to live.
Predominantly working with women, parents and teenagers, Emily teaches what she has learned – and continues to learn – to help people gain the self-awareness, confidence, skills and understanding they need to connect with and understand who they really are and discover their true value.
Believing that we are each born with purpose and deep reservoirs of talent and ability – regardless of school grades or other’s perceptions of who and what we are - Emily is intent on helping others move beyond the limited conditioning, experiences and often poor self-image instilled in us during our early years that hold us back in later life, in order to create a life of unlimited abundance and freedom; in happiness, love, relationships, career and well-being.

Edward Goodall – Master Thatcher and Entrepreneur
Ed Goodall is a Master Thatcher with over 20 years experience progressing from being an apprentice to employee to sub-contractor and then creating a successful, lucrative business taking pride in providing top class service, care and craftmanship with fine attention to detail for his customers and his working team alike.
Ed is passionate about helping others gain the self-belief, ethics, skills and mind-set to become their own boss; to provide consistently first-class service in their fields that not only creates outstanding customer satisfaction, loyalty and business success but also provides them with the lifestyle they want; at home and at work, with self-esteem, financial security and spiritual well-being.

As a team; Grace and Goodall - Lifestyle Mentors
Our highest values are love, integrity and freedom; in mind, in body and in spirit. To positively improve our own lives, and those of others, we have each long been studying the human mind and how it works with the natural universal laws of vibration and attraction to create the reality we each experience.
Whilst continually applying what we learn from many great leaders, mentors, teachers and authors, our goal is to share the information and education, tools and resources that have led us to experience so much more happiness, health and wealth in all areas of our lives to lead you to benefit too.
In this digital era we have been pushing aside our technophobia (it’s been a pretty bad affliction for us both!) and are gaining outstanding education, resources and personal mentoring with SFM to work effectively online. It enables us to live and work with greater fulfilment and freedom whilst making a meaningful, positive contribution across the globe to those we can help, as well as improving our more local (UK) physical businesses that we love.
With more time for our family, friends and each other, for pursuing our mutual motorbiking passion and having more freedom to travel and create new experiences, we are eternally grateful to our mentors and the products and services they provide that enable us to live life on our terms whilst helping others do the same.
We wish you the greatest happiness and success,
Ed and Emily