Hayley Carelse

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Hello there, Hayley here!

After working in the travel industry and globe trotting for over 15 years, I can truly say that I have graduated from the school of life. The lessons I've learned from my travels are priceless.
It has opened my eyes, not only to the endless possibilities the world has to offer, but also has enabled me to gain the confidence and courage to do the things I previously would not do, out of fear or simply not believing that it's possible.

I've discovered that I am incredibly interested in art and history, exploring different cultures and cuisines and discovering the tremendously different communication styles with different cultures. Interesting stuff!
I've also discovered that I'm a bit of a geek and cannot seem to stop reading, mostly topics about self improvement. Topics such as.....what's new in the world of technology that I should know to succeed, how to invest intelligently, how I can gain more confidence and using my newly acquired skills to my advantage etc.

Ever since I've completed my first achievement, I forgot about all the pain and anguish I went through to get there, and I was hooked.
The sense of achievement was so great that I could not wait to achieve my next goal.
I've become so passionate about this that I've decided to channel my passion to inspire and motivate others to gain their financial freedom through self improvement.

Not only does your knowledge and skills grow, but so does your confidence, and that is when life starts to blossom.

And that's just a little bit about me!