My Life My Way - Health, Fitness, Recreation & Sports For Creative Communities (Day 1)

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Creativity Is An Individual Experience

Today begins the most exciting period of my life.

For almost my entire adult life my predominant thought pattern always bordered on how to make things better and always endeavoured to influence family, friends and work colleagues to do likewise. Now I know my creativity can only be my experience. 

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

My greatest challenge up to this point in my life was to muster enough courage to become a SFM Affiliate Marketer.

The prime reason that inspired me to join this particular business enterprise is my desire to mix with people who have the same driving mission in life that I have: Give freely of what you learn.

The Start of Something 

My first spiritual connection was with Stuart Ross when I decided to hit the button to go to the advertised website to learn more of the man and gauge his sincerity he communicated in his vision.

Resonance first comes to mind and I was filled with sheer excitement of my impending journey with him and his team. Like this featured image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

For so long I sought such company. A perfect fit for my own aspirations.

Watching and listening to Jay Kubassek was the icing on the cake. He is a genius.

Making money or getting rich was not on my mind. My love for life spurred me to sync with these sentiments and to explore what ideas I can bring to the table to honour their trust in me for my own expansion and in turn to empower and support others.

A Stimulating And Exciting Journey

So here I am ready to hit the road running. Care to join me in these unchartered waters?

I promise a stimulating and exciting journey to unearth the jewels that lie within all of us waiting to glitter in all our creations. Tomorrow I will pose the question: How am I feeling now? 

Why SFM Is My Dream Come True               

It is a month since I joined SFM and discovered a bunch of amazing people who passionately and tirelessly encourage all of us to believe we can all create dreams on our own terms.

If you want to feel good and wish choose a lifestyle of happiness, just try SFM to see what I mean:

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