6 Connections Between Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs

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All passionate runners and entrepreneurs often get the question if you are running, doing business, or just going against the stream.

This issue arises once in a while, directly or rephrased in a more elegant manner, but with the same embedded question. The truth is that being passionate runners and entrepreneurs at the same time is a good choice as the two activities are tightly unified through a burning passion.

By using a very cliché statement but at the same more true than any other comparison, starting and running a company successfully is a marathon race and not a sprint.

Continue reading, and we will reveal some other significant, and interesting similarities passionate runners and entrepreneurs have in common.

Since a kid, I have always been fascinated of athletics and running in particular. I kept the school record for 1,500 meters years after I left school.

Not until I seriously started to train for marathons and run my first marathon race 2009 at the age of 57, I completely understood what it takes to complete a marathon. You cannot accurately describe it in words, but you need to experience a race to understand the mystery of a marathon race.

The dream to run my own company and be my own boss was also something I had on my “to-do-list” for my life, and after decades of a successful career in the corporate world, I took the step in August 2014.

The Synergies For Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs

The question always comes up, if the passion for running triggered the entrepreneurial vein or vice verse. The right answer is probably both. And the mindset for an enthusiastic and passionate runner is the same as for a passionate entrepreneur. Have a taste of these goodies and think about it.

Goal Oriented Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs

undefinedBoth passionate runners and entrepreneurs need to be tremendously excited about what we are doing, and very focused on the goal-setting and sticking to the goal. Of course, it can be annoying and tough to jump out of bed 5 o’clock in the morning to make the training session clearly stipulated in your agenda.

The same goes for your business. Not everything is a pleasure to do, but you know it has to be done, and you just do it, period.

Outsiders often see you as stubborn. The fact is that a burning passion drives both runners and entrepreneurs. Nothing can stop you!


Mental And Physical Health

Starting a company requires a lot of dedication and working hours to get properly set up. The same goes for marathon training. You know that your planned long runs on Sundays are crucial to reaching the goal.


The physical condition you achieve through your marathon training will be to useful help when spending hundreds of hour with your business. The synergies between the two activities also support each other. You know that around kilometer 26 to 30 you are going to hit the famous wall.

The moment when you feel that you are not going to move one single meter further on, and you still have 12-16 kilometers to go. The same applies to setting up a business. There will be a lot of moments of frustrations and failures, and you have to overcome those obstacles.

People around you will “help” you and tell that in fact, it all ends here. Real runners and entrepreneurs just don’t listen to those words. Their mental strength is strong enough to ignore all negative people in your surrounding.

Confidence And Conviction Make Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs Unbeatable

After a while, you will know by experience that following your training program, for sure will bring you to your goal.


At the age of 60, I sat up a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The qualification time for my age category to be able to get an opening to apply for a starting block was 3:54:00. During one year I was focusing on one single thing in my training program. To run an official qualification race under 3:54:00 and be able to apply (not any starting block secured). I did 3:47: 42 and could apply and with the time I had achieved I also got my place secured in the Boston Marathon 2013.

The same procedure you will experience as an entrepreneur, and by experience, I now know that the path is simple: Set the goal and just do it! You know that hard and sometimes painful work and effort will pay off at the end.

The correct goal setting is crucial. If you can visualize your goal and relate to your goal as something important in life, no one can turn you down to reach it.

See my article "2 Reasons Why Acting As A Deaf Frog Could Be A Winning Strategy" ,  from the 28th of January, 2017. The story about the frog race narrated in the attached video explains very much the mentality of passionate runners and entrepreneurs.

Keeping The Correct Pace

undefinedA runner will experience very soon after his or her first races that the right pace is key to the expected result. I had a big problem, in the beginning, to hold back my speed during the first part of the race, which I had to pay for during the second part. With training and experience, I have now learned how to keep an even pace throughout the race, and the result shows that it’s the way to go.

As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, you want to get results immediately, but everything takes its time. Keeping the right pace and doing the foundation correctly of your business will pay off in a positive way. In the online business where there are so many false offers out in the market triggering newcomers with words like “Become a millionaire in one month by working less than half an hour a day.”

Unfortunately, there are too many people hooked up on those false promises, and when getting burnt, they will never again try an online opportunity as they believe they are all the same.

In the sam way, there are no short cuts to reach the finish line in a marathon race. Entrepreneurship works the same way. Of course, you can find tools to make your mission easier or more efficient. It’s like finding running shoes fitting your style of running better than the old pair of shoes.

In the end, with new or old shoes, the 42.2 kilometers has to be run. There is no short cut. So, don’t mix short cuts with tools.

There are many useful tools for entrepreneurs, especially if you work online, but shortcuts do not exist.

Rest And Recovery

The recovery after a marathon race is as important as the training before the race. We have one body and one life. As any mechanical machine, also the body will need its maintenance to be able to last for years to come.

Probably you have read about famous entrepreneurs who were working days and nights for a long time to get their project to see the daylight. That’s fine. In some way, they are doing their “marathon race.”

However, after a while, you need to rest and recover. The nice thing by being an online marketer and entrepreneur is that you can decide how to focus on your different projects. It can mean working days of 15 to 20 hours. But once you achieve what you has to achieve you can slow down and give the body the required “maintenance.”

Flexibility – Key For All Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs

As a digital marketer, I would like to add another ingredient that matches so well my marathon running. And probably it fits into any passionate activity you have on your list.

You can work from anywhere in the world. You just need your laptop and an Internet connection, and you’re in business. The freedom to travel the world, run the marathon races of my preferences and at the same time bring with me the business that is….

The real freedom we use to call the laptop lifestyle.

So, we runners and entrepreneurs we are all viewed as stubborn individuals from the perspective of an outsider. With a sense of humor, we can offer that label to the audience, because behind the word “stubborn” we know what is hidden.

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