7 Tips For Meditation

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We all have different ways of doing things in life, but for me meditation has to be of no thought what-so-ever, easier said than done right! But practice makes progress.

On a daily basis we tend to have thousands of random thoughts that enter our minds so you could imagine the exercise our brain gets without having no breaks. Even when sleeping our brains are still active while our body gets that reset it needs. So the only time your mind can get some rest is if you take a moment to let go and relax and I am going to give you a few tips on how you can do so....

1    Give Yourself Time.

Give yourself 20-30 mins of free time where you can't be disturbed. This will make it easy to focus fully on yourself.


2    Sit Comfortably.

Make sure you can sit somewhere with your back straight either on the floor, on a chair or a bed as long as your spine is not bent. This helps you breathe freely.


3     Relax Muscles.

Once you find a comfortable posture, close eyes, then from the top of your head start to slowly relax the muscles from your face down to your feet. This is you surrendering to self.


4     Take No Thought.

This will get better the more you practice. Just stare into the darkness and try not to think of anything. If you see any shapes or blurs in your darkness, focus on them to distract you from wandering into thought.


5     Be Aware.

If you hear noises in the background or have an itch, just be aware of them and let them be. The more you focus these things will soon fade away from senses while you go deeper inside.


6    Notice Your Breathing.

Everyone's breathing is different, when you are focused you will find your pattern. I tend to take slow deep breaths in through my nose and hold for as long as I can, then release out slowly through my nose. This too takes my mind off thought.


7    Keep Going.

It is not easy to focus in today's chaos but you owe it to yourself, remember healthy mind, healthy lifestyle. If you find it hard at first do 5 mins and gradually build yourself up. The more you do the greater you feel and you deserve to feel amazing.


Thank you for your time and I truly hope these tips will help you in your practices. Please feel free to share this post and leave a reply if you have any questions I can help you with, stay peaceful.

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