Old dogs can learn new tricks!

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Can we learn new things at any point in life? The answer is absolutely! Neuroscientists and Psychologists have recently been talking about the Human brain's amazing ability to reconstructure itself for learning new things. This discovery is called neuroplasticity. With training and consistent repetition of any new activity the brain can change at any age. Neuroplasticity is not a new finding, most scientists up until the 1980's believed that your brain developed during your childhood and then the neural pathways hardened like concrete. Hence the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" (which is just not true). New research is now proving that the brain's ability to reshape itself is no longer a theory, but fact. The best way to enhance neuroplaticity is by learning a variety of new things instead of practicing old skills. With the understanding that change is possible, it's now time for you to focus on the possibilities of growth. It is definitely possible, so it's time to take action and start learning! 


"We are what we consistently do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristole 

New opportunities are waiting for you!

Personal growth and development is therefore enhanced by this understanding, a change in learning anything new is indeed possible. Better yet, a change in possibly a new way of how we reach our goals in life. The possiblities with this understanding has given an old dog like myself a great new opportunity with starting my own online business. I am learning new things instead of staying locked in to continuing practicing the old skills and feeling stuck of where I was. 

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