One Body...One Life!

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One Body...One Life!

Values?....What? What are you talking about? If you asked me what Values were a few years ago I would have shrugged my shoulders.

There are a lot of things that we are constantly bombarded with in life...From the time we wake up, to the time we lay our head at night.

Brush our teeth, coffee, shower, shave, breakfast, get dressed, prepare our lunch, check our emails, texts, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, watch the morning show, feed the dog/cat, tidy up, work, socialise, coffee, eat, learn, study, love, friendships, sport, workout, dancing, yoga, Zumba, shopping, emails, texts, Facebook, dinner, washing, shower, kids, dinner, family, guests, dishes, Laptop, I Pad, Mobile, Netflix...

Unless you live in a remote town or village, chances are your senses are on overload! Is it any wonder that the majority of our population is stressed?


Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two. Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Center researchers say.

1 in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication.

Wait! Are we just going to read this? And SWALLOW IT as, "Well, that’s life...?"

If this is you, then friend, you have given in! Yes, GIVEN IN!

You have swallowed the pill of this reality. The reality that says, "Life is hard!…Life is stressful!…That’s just how it is!"

Well in a way I agree...Let me explain.

As a teenager, I was full of beans. I had immense energy seemingly at will. And I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted...All the time!

I was alive, bursting with vitality. I didn’t know what a hangover was...well not compared to today anyway.

Every morning I’d leap out of bed!

One Body...One Life!

You see as a young teenager I was a doer. I just needed a sense of what it was that needed doing and I’d be off RUNNING doing it.

Organising, driving, training, rushing, catching up with friends, partying, clubbing, traveling, constantly moving...I had absolutely no awareness about anything, I just did things.

As long as I looked good, my friends were around, the rest didn’t matter.


Life has a way of bringing us face to face with ourselves.

And it certainly did for me.

Fast forward and things changed.

One Body...One Life!

Adrenal fatigue set in, slowly crippling me to the point of exhaustion. I crashed. Both mentally and physically. Exhaustion would be my daily mood. And I mean DAILY!

Perplexity set it. I was absolutely clueless as to what was going on inside me. It was the most challenging time of my life.....At the height of Financial Success, I came tumbling down...Tired, low in energy, Lost and totally confused, I set out in search for answers.

Answers that could calm my mind and ease my body into some normal kind of existence. Along with my journey, one thing came through very clearly...

I would only EVER have this body and mind. One BODY. One MIND.

No replacements. No second chances. JUST ONE.

I would NEVER EVER get another body and mind this lifetime. NEVER! Wow huh!

Think about it...I mean seriously think about it. This is real! Not just some prep talk, or fantasy! My Body and My Mind WERE MY LIFE!

And yours too…

Think about it. Have you ever experienced anything without it? Has anything happened outside of it? No! NEVER! All your life experiences, good and bad, have happened in and from this body and mind!

So if we want the best experiences, memories, LIFE! Shouldn’t we take notice, and perhaps do something about it?

"Oh but I’m too busy."

"There’s not enough time."

"She’ll be right."

"Oh, That’s just not possible!"

"Tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow."

"There’s plenty of time."

Really! All of your past present and future experiences, completely determined by the state of your mind and body, and we want to put it on the back burner...?

I had to treat my body and mind better. In fact, I had to treat them BETTER than anything else. I wanted to feel good. I wanted to feel at ease. I wanted to feel contentment. And I wanted to feel it daily! I wanted my body to feel free, so I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Free to walk, run, play, dance, whatever! And not to think or concern myself with whether I could or couldn’t. I wanted to feel good in my mind. I wanted my thoughts to reflect happiness and joy.

But how?

Well fortunately for me I developed a debilitating chronic anxiety. Yep, you heard right.


I can say that now because I have come out the other end. This crippling chronic anxiety became my greatest driving force toward change. It pushed me to seek and re discover my mind and body with depth and wisdom.

It became my obsession by default...Socrates famous statement "Know Thyself" became my mission...Along with my journey, an insight occurred to me…


Not my Doctor, Personal trainer, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Coach, Yoga teacher… ME! We all are! Every single one of us!

Who lives in your body 24/7?

Does someone else think for you? Feel for you? NO! It all happens within YOU! Within us! There is no one on the planet who knows you more than you!

If this is True, then shouldn’t we know this MIND and BODY precisely?

So that it functions at its optimal level? So that we function at our optimum level?

There’s an easy way to check if we are on track…WE FEEL GOOD! Every single day, we feel good!

I'm not talking about ecstatic, or blissful…just base level GOOD!

If your not…Then you have simply forgone yourself to that of everything and everyone else. You have rejected your own well being first and foremost and prioritised it over everything else.

I know I did. I worked seven days a week, frantically chasing money. My self-care went from training 4 to 5 days a week to zero days a week. I ate on the go. My time became none existent.

I put my Family, Work, Daughter, Partner, House, and Everything else before me…And my body and mind suffered.

The chronic debilitating anxiety forced me to look at me. It forced me to pay attention, and look inside…

It was a long gruelling painful journey that spanned decades. That was the DEPTH of my unconsciousness. It was my wake up call. It was my teacher.

I searched, sought and scrambled for answers. I read countless books, saw practitioner after practitioner and did about every course on the planet…

I didn’t stop until the anxiety was resolved. I did a lot of inner work. Energy work, deep transformative meditation, alternative medicine, and practices…the lot!

When something is in your face, it's hard to ignore. It forces you to look past your limitations and beliefs…

Slowly…things fell into place.

Values fell into place, creating a new foundation from which I would live my life.

Sleep became extremely important. It was essential in re building the energy and vitality I needed to live life. This became my number one priority. NUMBER ONE VALUE.

Being my number one priority, I needed to understand what it was INSIDE me that prevented me from having that.

And it wasn't just sleeping but an overall sense of well being.

One Body...One Life!

My Well Being became my number one priority. First, before my daughter, work, family, friends, and colleagues.

It had to because without it I would be less than the best me. My daughter, partner, family, friends the world deserved the best me, didn’t they? So it was time…Time to master the only things I truly had.

We all want the best in life. A happy relationship, family, friends, and things in the world.

If we want all of these things externally, then we must first and foremost want and attain the best internally.

Because this is where our world starts and stops. INSIDE.

The level of success and happiness that WE have externally will always reflect the level of success we have internally.

We are the masters of our Mind and Body. It's time we took control, and discover how to best achieve this.

Life will let you know when you’ve arrived!

- Sotir Ivanovski 

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