The waking hours are the most important ones

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Step away from the phone. Ditch the screens. Don't turn on the TV, first thing when you wake up.  

We live in the digital world where we find it hard to get a moment peace away from the global world.  Many of us would freak out and feel lost and naked if we miss place our phones.  We can't go a full hour without seeking a media site for updates.  We schedule our social lives around television watching events or replays with our OnDemands. 

Don't get me wrong.  I have been the same way. Waking up and the first thing I do is check my phone. Filling my waking, most positive moments, with negativity and what my Facebook friends have been doing while I am sleeping. This is not healthy.  Scientist have determined that our brain waves are more intense and our minds more keen to digesting information in the first hours of waking regardless of the amount of sleep we have had.  By being attached to my media devices, the most positive hours of my day are wasted usually in a horrible posture position in my bed and feeding my mental engine with crap.  Have you noticed how you are laying in your bed and viewing your phone.  Usually with extended arms over head or laying on your side with your arm supporting most of your weight.  This can lead to nerve damage and long recovers to correct these issues.  I had to stop ruining my day and frustating my mind before getting started. I had to save myself from hurting me.  Here are some intentual actions that I took:

  1. Place your charger for phone and device over an arms length (across the room) from your bed.
  2. Get the TV and laptop out of the bedroom. This room is for sleeping and relaxing.  A sanctuary.
  3. A simple task to take-- change your alarm clock tone.  Choose one that is more original and soothing.  This is so that you are not startled awake but still awoken. 
  4. Spend the first hour of awaking stretching. Greet the day (as weird as it seems, you are thankful it is there). Speak positive words of affirmation. Visualize your goals.

Now you are ready to face your day with a positive start.  But "I don't have an hour to spend in my daily routine to wake up."  This is truth. If something will make a positive impact on your life and well -being wouldn't you try it, at least for 30 days.  Let me give you a few steps to find the time to start your day off right.

Step 1:  Arrange your place of sleep into a protected area of no distractions.  Section off this part of your residence for just that...SLEEP.  It may involve changing the sheets more often.  Getting a new pillow.  Or adding a fragrance that sooths the area

Step 2: Fight for and schedule adequate times to sleep.  I have multiple alarms on my phone (I know, aren't you relying on one of the devices you are talking against). I do this not to dictate my day, but to keep me focus on my tasks.  One of those alarms is labeled "Night!Night!" By getting on a regular schedule, our internal clock works incorporation with the outside clock. This lowers stress and fatigue.  The day moves smoother.

Step 3: Stretching is the easiest way to get the body moving, the blood flowing and aligning the body. This shouldn't take but a few minutes. You will connect the mind to the body and bring feelings of success and confidence to light.  Simple task can go throughout the whole day.  I suggest to take stretch breaks during the day to continue the mind to connect with the body.  Also a weekly workout time and a slight stretch before bed will cause the physical body to find time to rejuvenate.

Step 4: Possitive words of affirmation is your mind telling your heart that you are incredible.  I do this action every morning when brushing my teeth, getting dressed and driving to work (the radio is off and the phone is one silent).  I have visual queues along my path that help me focus on the me that I am currently.  And you have to like yourself. There is always something to be thankful for.

Step 5: I have my goals written out. I have physical and mental images of what I want and what I want to accomplish.  These are on note cards that decorate my bathroom mirror. They are post-it notes along the dash of my care.  They take up pages in my journal (yes, I said pages and journal). They are taped at eye level at my work desk.  My visual board is specific in my mind and a physical board is at the head board of my bed. The same goes for my words of affirmation.  They are used as a reminder to focus my thinking ever time I look at them. Cues to direct me.  And I can focus on them while doing other methodical actions like brushing teeth and driving to places. 

I wouldn't give you advice if I don't practice it myself.  I have been taking action to make my life more productive, less stressful and overall exciting. This includes my digital health as well.  If I take care of the physical me it motivates me to be more healthy on the other aspects of my life as well.

My desire is to influence, educate and motivate others who are like me that have been doing thing to self-sabotage our lives and not be goal oriented.  I hope that this helps and I look forward to seeing you in what I call the "friendly skies".  See you soon.

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