A Time To Be Silent

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A Time To Be Silent

Have You Considered Silence in A Moment of Weakness? Have you ever stooped yourself before saying something in a moment that you know it would not be delicately placed in the ears of another, or it may come across as being offensive? Perhaps you were angry, hurt or filled with an emotion that seemed to have overwhelmed you in the moment, and your better judgment cautioned you to remain silent. Well, I’ve had those moments. The truth is those moments were in my interactions with others but less likely with myself. Somehow it seems that when it comes to self I am less forgiving and seem not to take the caution I exercise with others for myself. Lately, I have been thinking about that a lot because I’ve been greatly convicted about the words I speak to myself.

I caught myself even speaking some very unkind things like “You need to get it together” and “Why aren’t you getting it right”. Now I will admit that these are not the worst words I’ve uttered to myself and yes, I am now being very cautious with what I say in speech. Even those things that were uttered by another that seemed to inflict a pain so deep in our hearts may tempt us to speak as if we are undeserving of grace. I do believe that if we personally do not debunk these personal attacks it will devour our thoughts and settle into our hearts. It is possible that we could believe them and then repeat it to ourselves. We all need grace, and more grace for our journey.

Perhaps you may not know what grace looks like, or it has been difficult to receive. Grace offers favor, kindness, compassion and uncovers something redeemable in the worst of circumstances.  As beautiful as all that sounds it is yet difficult to receive at the times when one feels undeserving. In some circumstance grace can be rejected because it’s opposite has been a constant companion that is preferred because it is more familiar.

Here are 5 Reasons to Consider Silence in A Moment Of Weakness, and embrace your moment of grace:


1. You avoid an attack on character when the matter is all about a circumstance.

2. You avoid rash judgments that can create false ideas.

3. You facilitate the healing and restoration of the heart.

4. You stay on a fruitful path. You word is your integrity and will draw the path to where your feet go.

5. You increase the capacity to forgive and receive forgiveness to be able to live optimally.

So, it seems beneficial to be mindful and aware of what is spoken, particularly when one is feeling challenged, fatigued, discouraged or in a difficult passing circumstance. I offer for consideration that sometimes your silence will preserve you.  Will you consider silence in a moment of weakness?

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Have a wonderful week.


Yonette Belinda


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