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Wow!  I've just watched another thrilling race from the World Athletics Championships in London.  It was the womens 1500 metres final.

It was a slow race from the beginning, up until the last 400 metres.  Several women were bumping and barging each other, jockeying for position.  A British lady was running a good race, being spurred on by a loyal and encouraging home crowd.

The last 100 metres of the race was very exciting.  The two leading women, looked like they were going to secure the gold and silver medals, with the British women running in third place.  However, a woman from the U.S.A and a woman from South Africa, had their own ideas about the outcome.  These two ladies ran incredible finishes to their races, and managed to secure silver and bronze medals for themselves against all odds, as they seemed to have come from nowhere to cross the finish line in those positions.

Watching that race, I could literally see the will of all those women, especially in the last 100 metres.  The determination and the desire was breathtaking and it's races like that, which have developed my love for watching sport at the highest level.

Here's to seeing some more greatness from those championships.

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