Accepting my weight!


Learning to accept my weight. About 3 years ago I decided to consult a dietician with 2 friends.

She gave each of us different eating plans. My friends started losing weight almost immediately and it was visible and they were feeling good about themselves.

I on the other hand did not have the same luck even though I was following the eating plan to the T. It was only a matter of time I started getting depressed and wondering what I was doing wrong? Yes I had cheated a couple of times and succumbed to the chocolate cravings, which to my understanding I was allowed one cheat day.

The Dietician told me eating healthy must become a lifestyle, each one of us has a different metabolism. This was a bit difficult for me to digest and I stopped consulting!! I was disappointed! But I continued with the eating plan and it became a lifestyle. Only 2 years later did I start seeing the difference when I started diligently taking 2 kilometer walks three times a week. What I learnt from this is that, I must live my life at my own pace!

Never compare to the next person. Accept me as I am.     

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