Achieving goals

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Every project ever undertaken started as a vision in someone’s mind…

Inspiration is the seed of success, that thought or idea you have when suddenly a light bulb goes on in your head and you feel a rush of excitement and a sense of desire to go after your goal and achieve it!

Then what happens… The logical mind kicks in like a boring old man and points out that for a number of reasons this idea simply cannot be made possible.

‘It will take too long, it will cost too much, somebody else has already done it, you’ll never get it off the ground, don’t waste your time, what if it fails’ – and so forth… 

Sorry…? What…? Oh right yeah – I was falling asleep too!

Achieving goals

Anyway, when an inspired idea finds it’s way past the headmaster of our minds (most don’t) we can start to feel excited about its bright prospects and at this point begin to take some action!

We get all ramped up and put ourselves into high gear with the best intentions to really make this thing (that is still just an idea) work!

Usually, at about this time we hit the second hurdle – which is the fact that things will not go as we had planned them…

Suddenly we come up against the world

Perhaps we can’t get the resources we need or we have realized that the timescale we had originally planned to get our idea manifested is going to triple at least.

Or maybe there are people standing in our way of moving forward with our goals and other responsibilities get in the way.

At this point, our logic will most likely rear its head again and give you the old ‘told you so’ speech – and say that ‘at least we gave it a try’ etc etc.

This is when our resolve and desire to achieve our goal starts to get really tested

If at this point we have not properly instilled in ourselves a strong enough desire to make this work we will probably give up – so in order to push through these barriers its imperative that we commit daily to some form of mental exercise that reinforces our desires so that we can keep fueling our progress and hit our target…

Achieving goals

Once through these first few barriers (which in my experience are the toughest), we can safely say we have the commitment and perseverance to really make a go of this thing!

By now some realities have sunk in, and the realization that this is going to take some work and some serious time become apparent, and we have accepted them.

The project has now begun taking on a mind of its own inside our thoughts and we may well have started re-structuring our day to day around nurturing and developing it.

It is at this point that we start to feel like we’re getting somewhere

This is when that original, inspired idea starts to seep back into our awareness again, but this time it hangs around in the background, for much longer periods of time, almost as if the energy of our completed goal is gradually moving in to live with us…

We are starting to really feel now that we can almost grasp the completion or achievement of our dream and our life starts to change slightly to reflect this.

But this may be counting our chickens…

It is the nature of life to seemingly test us on our path of development and consciously chosen evolution – but what really happens is that we go through the necessary internal growth and sometimes mini catharsis so that we may actually be a right fit for the goal we wish to achieve.

This internal ‘upgrading’ manifests itself as trials and challenges in our outer world and again we may face resistance on the path… This is, of course, all part of the journey and understanding this process for what it is has been one of the main reasons I have achieved so much in my life…

Achieving goals

We then start to emerge from this internal transformation and our goal nears completion, we may now begin thinking of other – higher goals that we can reach for on the back of this one and a new vista of opportunities opens up for us…

We begin to see at this point how all of those challenges along the way were actually put there to help us get to our goal! All the things we learned and mistakes we made were shaping us into the person that was needed to simply reach out and take the thing we wanted.

Now that I fully understand this process I will always get the thing I set out to get, providing I really want it… And in the end, life is also guiding us with this by presenting hurdles on the path – it’s helping us determine if we really want a thing, and as long as we intelligently apply the experiences its also training us to become a match for it!

I now fully believe that life wants all the best things for me and for everyone else

With this knowledge (which could only have been gained through trial and error) we can begin to trust in our lives and ourselves and go for our dreams!

By applying this understanding you’ll soon find out if you really want something or not.

If you don’t then you’ll go off the idea – and if you do, then and you’ll be taught the lessons and given the tools along the way so you can have it!

Achieving goals will become so normal to you!

Life loves us because life is us…

achieving goals

I wish you all the very best that life has to offer and it is my hope that you will go after your dreams!

Keep on gently pushing through and your confidence will catch up – I promise!

Achieving goals is natural…

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