Adapt your goals

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There is a challenge I joined where I’m going to improve my health, business, and personal goals. The thing is that is was very clear for me where I wanted to go and I even made it clear for myself what steps I need to take in order to do this.

For my health goals, I’ve challenged myself to run 5km barefoot in nature. This goal was done on the third day. I thought I had set the goal way to low for my doing. But there was something wrong and I couldn’t figure out what it was until now.

For me, it was really that I had no idea where I was beginning. Let’s just say you know where you want to go to as your location on your navigator in your car. But if the navigator doesn’t make a connection, you don’t get to see the route you have to drive. And that is where I got wrong with my goal setting.

Well, I don’t know if wrong is the right word, but it sure is a lesson and I can do something about it right now. So when it comes to planning your goals. Figure out where you are at this moment. Also, map it out for yourself. Write the things down or give it a grade as it feels for you how it is at that moment.

For me, I could’ve taken a run first before I set my goal. I just thought I needed to train a lot before I could do the run, especially because it was barefoot. What I actually needed was a strong mindset and energy. That I already had and I was able to finish the goal. It did have some consequences though. I didn’t run for a couple of months so I had some aches in my muscles. No pain, no gain right?

So I will have to make a map of the position I am. I know a couple of steps I can take towards my goals. But to really move forward I need to be more clear. And you can do the exact same thing.

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