Always Keep Learning


My dear niece born weighing 2lbs. 14 oz. was the beautiful child making me an aunt on

my side of the family for the first time.

She was and is so special now.  She was the size of about 3lbs. of butter if you can imagine that. 

The poor baby had ailments most of us will never endure.  She had short ligaments in her legs and had surgery on her legs at a very young age. Her wee eyes were crossed so they did surgery on her eyes to correct them and they over corrected them.  As a result another surgery had to be done to correct the over correction.

What a Nightmare!  Whenever a doctor  came into her presence as a young person she would immediately cry with the expectation of more pain and trauma.

Her small muscle skills didn't develop as quickly as most and by the time she was ready for school, her little mind was definitely ready. Her body hadn't quite caught up to others of her age.  She walked very stiff legged, had difficulty with her eye site and her little hands had difficulty coloring and printing .

I was teaching kindergarten and grade 1 at the time and took her papers of fun things  to do to assist in her learning as I knew she had the capability.  The most hurtful thing was how people treated and acted toward her and her disabilities. Kids made fun and were often unkind. She was a determined child and continued in school with many negative vibrations to deal with, up to grade 11. undefined

During her teens, her mother was going through the change of life and father wasn't educated as to what may occur during a woman's hormone change in life.

Some women are not at all themselves and become what men think are total bitches and very unreasonable and uncontrollable. undefined

Her Father left leaving her mother and 2 sisters to fend for themselves. The love in her heart lead her to her passion of looking after children while their parents worked. She feels love in return from those she has given a mother's love to over the years. Soon her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lived fighting for her life for 28 years.

Her mother's concern and love for her well being, led to, some may say, overprotecting. She wasn't allowed to do many things that she has proven to be capable of doing since her mom died.

She runs her own Day Care Business, looks after her money wisely, travels most  winters  and has many friends and commitments. She knits dishcloths for friends and relatives and just knit her first baby blanket for a nephew's new baby. 

A few months ago she decided to get her grade 12 diploma and is taking correspondence courses. She has been on a constant learning curve and just bought a computer. We have talked about learning Facebook skills so she can keep in touch with friends and family. She has also learned to play the piano mostly by ear and has taken a few lessons and plays very well. My father also learned to play the piano the same way.

One day she was with us at Deerhurst Resort and we were strolling along in the lobby and came across a grand piano not being used, we asked one of the staff if she could play it and they said "of course."

She sat down and started playing some hymns and soon we had other people coming to see who was playing and joined in singing some of the songs she played. While we were there, a family came a long with a 9 yr old boy and after enjoying the music for a while they asked if their son could play the piano and we said of course. Well you should have heard this 9 year old play, he was a concert pianist,  the talent that he had was amazing and he played a few songs for us.  

My niece has played at a lot of our family gatherings over the years and her talent has been very much appreciated by all of us.

We are so proud of you, my first born niece on my side of the family. The willingness to learn and overcome adversities is proven many times over by this young lady at 56.

Can you over come your adversities and open your mind for  new learning?  Learn education to improve your life, and believe in New Beginnings??

When we continue to LEARN we will continue to EARN. See how you can continue to EARN as you

LEARN with our MENTORS  .

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