An Alternative Approach To Healing Kidney Disease - PART II

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ACID AND ALKALINE LIFESTYLE/ INFLAMMATION- gettin' the good stuff in and gettin' the bad stuff out

The reason I didn't refer to the above heading by its usual name, the acid and alkaline DIET is that we tend to see diets as having a shelf life, a beginning and an end. Our new approach has to become a way of thinking and acting and a way of life and living.

It's been observed that cancer cells proliferate in an acid environment but suffocate in alkaline ones. 


Leading scientist Dr. Robert O. Young said this about the ROOT cause of diseases such as kidney disease: “There is only One Sickness and One Disease, and this one ‘sickness’ is the over-acidification of the body due primarily to an inverted way of living, thinking, and eating. There can, therefore, be only one remedy and treatment, and that is to alkalize the body and break the cycle of imbalance, thus allowing us to experience the energy, vitality and true health we’re all meant to have."

I truly love studying the food and nutrition end of things. Being a chef helps but you don't have to be a chef to be a great home cook or to have an interest in nutrition. 

Now that I'm living with kidney disease and quite unable to work in the same capacity within the manic cheffy environment, I find I have much more time to focus on cooking a few simple meals for myself every day, with a whole lotta love. Plus, my stomach calls out to me several times daily to remind me to fill it up so it makes cooking and preparing food very natural and enjoyable. 

What we eat plays such a defining role in our mood, our energy, attitude and overall health.

I never understood people who say they can't cook or don't like to cook. It's pretty much the most vital ingredient to sustaining our lives next to breathing. So it's kind of important and it's great to have a few healthy meals in your repertoire. 

We've all heard the expression "You are what you eat". This was never more true than in the case of the acid and alkaline diet.

According to proponents of the alkaline diet, the 'ash' or residue left from the burning up of foods through digestion can be tested, and this directly affects the acidity or alkalinity of your body. Simples...


Time Magazine's Feb 04 cover!

Inflammation, as stated by Dr. Axe ", Has been found to be associated with just about every health condition.

Dr. Tanya Edwards, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, writes that inflammation is now recognized as the “underlying basis of a significant number of diseases.”

Interestingly, but not surprisingly the approach to neutralizing inflammation and the approach to transitioning to a mostly alkaline body is pretty much the same. For some, it's common sense stuff. Eat more organic fruit and veg and eat more whole-foods. Cut out ready meals, pre-cooked and processed foods, cut out the junk food, the deep-fried food, and takeaways and cut down on the amount of meat we consume because meat is highly acidic. 

Some proponents of the anti-inflammatory and the alkaline diet advocate complete vegetarianism and some go further into veganism. I've been vegetarian for a good few years now so for me to take up these practices and eat more nourishing foods is pretty easy but for some, it may not be.

Especially at the beginning.

It doesn't mean you have to cut out meat completely but it's good to observe your eating habits and take note of how much meat you're actually eating.

If you're having bacon for brekkie, then a chicken wrap for lunch and a steak for dinner, you're probably overdoing it on the meaty end and you'll benefit from having a few meat-free meals a few times per week.

There are hundreds of thousands of tasty veggie meals on the web. Probably millions at this stage! Do a little digging online and start off with one night a week going veggie. Who knows, It might turn into one day a week and if that happens then you might go the full monty over time. This is something that you're the whole family will benefit from. 

Below is an article about the vegan stats based in the U.K stating that a whopping 7% of residents are now vegan.

If anyone insists that as humans we are designed to eat meat- I challenge them to go into a field and kill a cow. No weapons, just your claws and your teeth :). Good luck! Not possible, and by some stroke of irony if the cow should fall over dead from fright then what next?

You still have to skin, butcher and cook the animal. And you're not doing any of that without accessories that are not innate to humans. Same if it was a chicken or a lamb or a rabbit. Now if you're a tiger then it's not looking too good for the cow because the tigers got the all the equipment inbuild to get the job done.

Game over Mrs. Cow!!!

So you have a few options. I think it's good to take a highly proactive approach and give your body every opportunity to support your kidneys to be healthy. At the end of the day, kidney disease is a killer and trust me, dialysis is no walk in the park.

It sucks! No matter how optimistic and mentally stable you are, dialysis is always going to be a super crap experience. 

Extreme situations cause for focused attention and dedication and sometimes a dramatic change in lifestyle. 

If we keep doing the same things that made us sick in the first place (chief among them is probably poor food habits/ choices and a highly acidic and inflamed body) then how can we ever expect to recover? What's needed is a drastic overhaul of our approach to the things we put into our bodies.

It's about getting the bad stuff out and getting the good stuff in. 

Below is a great guide to everything alkaline diet. Basically, if you study that alkaline food list and adopt some items from it and you have a look at the acid food list and knock a few off it then you're off to a flying start. There is a bit of a science of how to combine certain categories of foods and it's all really interesting but at the beginning don't stress too much. Develop your new habits day by day and as always keep an eye on your potassium, protein and phosphorus intake. 

I don't particularly wanna add loads of links to this topic. It would be much more fulfilling for you to do some of your own research. Just google the acid and alkaline diet and away you go. There are tones of resources online!

Food is one of the fundamental most important factors to good health and a clear mind. It's a necessary place to start on the journey to stabilizing and maintaining great health. Just as kidney disease doesn't happen overnight, it's also the same for healing. These things take time but they also demand action. Taking control of your diet is a massive leap in taking control of your life and your health.

You must empower yourself to take action and the question should be "What can I do, for myself, to improve my wellbeing and my state of mind and body and not what can my doctor or some other external person/ factor, do. Our healing is up to us!!!

I met a guy in Spain in a healing center and he said, "Yes you have an 'incurable disease'. That means the CURE IS 'IN' YOU".  I love that, and I still smile every time I remember that dude.

Little steps every day will make a wonderful and powerful difference over time. 

Make a shift to better choices today!


Coming up....... PART III DR. Richard Schulze 



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