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For the first time, I saw a documentary series on television called 'The Hunt for God' with the actor Morgan Freeman.  A fascinating programme about different religious beliefs around the world.

The centre of focus in the programme that I saw yesterday, was on the term 'apocalyse'.  Many of us associate this word with the destruction of the world, doomsday, judgement day, etc.  However, it was revealed in this programme, that this association is false.  The word 'apocalyse' comes from an old Greek word, meaning 'unveil'.

The meaning of the word 'apocalypse' is basically 'enlightenment'.  The idea being, that we become educated or informed about who we are as individuals, and our purpose here on Earth.

Our lives then, are about a journey of self-discovery, which is a positive thing, not the negative connotations which arise from the general understanding of the word 'apocalyse'.

I found it a truly fascinating and inspirational programme to watch, and was glad that I chose to watch it, as I don't watch much television.

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