Are You Subscribing to the Solution or The Problem?

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" Albert Einsteinundefined 

"Subscribe to the solution, not the problem" is one thing I hear often from one of my mentors, Justin Wolfe.

And it's now becoming my mantra.

I had been subscribing to the problems for a long time.  Sometimes I still begin to. However, now, I am determined to upgrade my life. I'm looking at solutions instead of the problems more and more.

Are you a subscriber to the problem?

Can you relate to any or all of these?  As you read through them (say them aloud) be aware of how it sounds.

  • we never have enough money
  • our income is less than our expenses
  • Sorry kids, we can't afford that
  • I can't afford to ...................
  • We'll just have to wait until we get the money
  • Why can they do what they love and be paid handsomely for it?
  • Oh I'm so tired of this situation
  • It's never going to happen
  • If only I could win the Lottery / Prize Home 

and so the list goes on.  Sounding like a victim? I know, I've been there!

I've had many conversations with family and friends for years and up until recently was instigating or participating in them. For some, it's like entering into a competition with who is the bigger victim, as we pull out all our 'poor me' cards as we try to trump the other person.

What's going on?

What are we really wanting when we are stuck in this pattern and mindset? Would you agree that victim mentality (like above) not only sounds terrible but it feels yuk?

I can hear myself caught up in these conversations from the past.  And, to be honest, I'm not 100% through it yet... it can creep in a little sometimes. No self-punishment, though, simply awareness and back on track with the desire to change.

We are not powerless

We simply were not created to be powerless and victims of ourselves.  In fact, God/The Creative Being has only ever created abundance and richness.  Just take a look at our wonderful planet or a garden to see that.

There is NO lack

When 1 seed can grow into an amazing tree that provides an abundance of fruit or flowers and from that 1 only piece of fruit/flower, can grow from 1 to many trees and the cycle is continuous, it's easy to see abundance.

So how to change our perspective?

Well, the quote from Einstein above says it all.  However, we need to be sincerely willing - a feeling in the heart - to absolutely want to change for the better.  It starts as an intellectual decision but is felt on an emotional level to really have an impact.


6 things to help you subscribe to the solution

  • Ask the right questions

Instead of focusing on how much or why you can't, ask instead "How can I?" When you start asking for a solution it will begin to shift your perspective.  Also, asking "Why don't I want to...?" will help you see the truth - that the problem exists because you don't want to do, face, feel or change something.  Resistance to that?  Yep, I feel it!  Just remind yourself - to subscribe to the solution, not the problem.

  • Goal setting

Goal setting helps us get out of our head as we begin to dream about what we really want and write it down so that we start seeing it written in front of us. We can get clear on what we desire in our lives.

  • Visualisation

As you've no doubt heard many times before, visualising our goals, our dreams is very powerful. Instead of using our imagination to picture the doom and gloom, start seeing - and the excitement will follow - how we want to be, how we want to feel, how we want our days and life to be

  • Feeling the origin of false beliefs

Healing the causal emotion around our ingrained beliefs, usually set from childhood, is the number one key.  When you begin to write and visualise you will certainly become aware of the sabotaging inner voice.  Rather than push it away, write down exactly what you are hearing and take some time to feel about it and where this came from.  You may begin feeling the childhood fear or grief around these beliefs. Don't be afraid of these emotions - they are simply energy-in-motion that has become blocked in you.

As you begin healing them at a soul level it will absolutely shift things. Forever.

  • Build better habits, daily

These can be anything you want to incorporate into your life that will help you.  Start journaling. Take time for writing out your goal and visualizing every morning, or just before bed. Move your body with a brisk walk (yes, brisk, not ambling!) or hula hooping, yoga or putting on some music to dance to.  

  • Eat better  

Even if you are currently on a low budget, you can still eat well.  And I should know - raising 4 children on a low income for the past 8 years has been challenging but we've always eaten healthily.

Grow your own veges, or buy fresh produce from your local farmers markets or obtain surplus from your neighbours back yards. This is not only a really economical way of shopping but sustainable too. Eating better will help you to feel better.

  • Inspiration

Read inspiring books, listen to inspiring audio books and speak to inspiring people.  However, don't just rely on the feel-good feelings of inspiration.  Action on your part is totally required.

Develop faith and trust in God's Law of Desire and Law of Attraction by engaging in your own experiments.  Go back to asking the right questions, and dig deep to discover your blocks, beliefs and feelings around self-love, stepping up and feeling worthy.


This is life, my friends.  The journey of discovering ourselves and realising we can let go of the limiting, defeating and victimising beliefs.  It's your choice. It's my choice. It only ever is!

May you have a wholesome and happy life!

Tara x

PS>  If you enjoyed this read and it helped in some way, please share and share your thoughts!  It might just help one more person to realise they can totally start subsribing to the solution instead of the problem!

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