Are you truly healthly? What level of health does the insurance companies say is good enough and 3 tips to be in control of our own life.

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With so many people on this earth approximately 758 billion you would think that one of our major concerns in life aside from earning a living would be health and longevity.  South Korea has the highest with women averaging 90 years of age and men averaging 83 years of age. While the United States has the lowest life expectancy women topping out at 81 and men at 74. Although there are no short cuts when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle there are a few hacks that allow you to hedge your bets when it comes to longevity past the world average. So as I write this today at age 50 who is to say that I can not extend my life well beyond the world average.  To be honest who doesn't want to live a long life.  I know me I want to live a long life to correct so many of the mistakes that I made when I was younger. You all understand what I mean when I say I don't want to die with any regrets.  I know that regrets are everyone's number one concern when it comes to living a fulfilled life.  How many of us set 10 and 20-year goals in order to escape what we need to do right now.  How many of you have put off to tomorrow the goals that you know that you want now but feel that you don't have the know how and motivation to reach it due to fear.  

The biggest fear that most people have is dying with regret of things that you wanted to do but was afraid to try.  The second biggest regret is disappointing the one you love.  How about if you could extend your life and achieve all that you desired in health, wealth, and happiness.  What is the use of living until your 140 years of age if you spend 50 years of your life wishing you were dead?  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and the only way you can live your life that way if you are not worried where your next meal will come from or how you will pay your bills at the end of the month. If you are living your life in scarcity then the only thing you will be thinking about is survival and when survival is the only thing that you are thinking about there is no chance for you to actually do what it takes to live a long life.

Ok, let's understand one thing most people are lazy when it comes to their life.  Now that does mean that people don't work hard.  Of course, they do but, working hard for someone else doesn't alway have your best interest in mind.  Actually to be honest it never has your best interest in mind.  You see there is no one in life that cares more about your life than you will care for yourself.  So when it comes to your health why would the insurance companies put your health before their business.  See most people already know this but out of the habit of being lazy (thinkers), they allow the lie of the insurance companies to propagate. Insurance companies and doctors offices and anyone that is in business are there for the sole purpose to make money or better put to create a customer where one did not exist before.  If insurance companies insure against chance then why would you think that they would have your best interest in mind when it comes to you collecting on your longevity.

Traditionally, the older you become after the age of let's say 75 the less you are typically worth to insurance companies because the less you can contribute to their bottom line.  Now I know this may be harsh but here we don't sugar coat reality I just tell you what it is and if in the end, you want to duck back in your shell so be it.  So here it is, insurance companies know exactly what it takes to allow you to live a significantly longer life but it is not in their best interest to invest in you after a certain amount of years.  Think about this would you pay full price for a used car with 100 thousand miles on the odometer even if it still ran well? Well that the same way the insurance companies view you.  But Im not writing this for the insurance companies Im writing this because I want you to take charge of your own life and stop being mentally lazy.

Ok, here are some action steps you need to take if you are going to push your life well past the global limits. First, like anything thing else you need to change your attitude about what the world view as old and what people concede as a long life. 100 years is only a long life if you stop contributing to the world at age 50. Second, its not good enough to compare yourself to the average 50,60, 70 or 90 years old if you don't plan on being average.  Our goal here is to live well beyond 100 which means 90 is the new 40.  Live your life as such. Have goals that not only drive you every day but also drive you well beyond the age of 100. Third, Get an executive check up immediately!  One thing that insurance companies do is not pay for most preventive procedures because it does correlate with their bottom line. Yes these check ups are expensive but it is the price that most poor people will spend on a flat screen TV.   If most people spent money and time on a preventive procedure such as executive check up they would avoid many health issues long before they become chronic or untreatable.

So, don't just accept what society and insurance companies tell you about how long you should live and wants most important in your life.  Take charge and create an impact that you will live to not regret.

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